This day in history…

  • 1961 – Six Flags opens their first park ever.  How awesome is that?!?!  I love roller coasters and amusement parks.
  • 1774 – Jason Priestly discovers oxygen.  I joke.  It was his great-great-great grandfather Joseph Priestley.
  • 1941 – The Jeep is born!  Beep, beep, who's got the keys to my Jeep?  Vroooom!
  • 1972 – Dubyah gets suspended from the Air National Guard.  Sure he just missed a medical exam, but it's fun to point out his flaws.
  • 1970 – Jesse Burkes, Jr. weds Stephanie Madison in a beautiful ceremony 70's style.  This one's the most important this day in history. :-)  Would have been 38 years today.  Kinda nutty.  MommaShyner got married at 20!  DaddyShyner was a great big 25.  Weren't they rocking their gear? Bwahaha, just noticed that their cake toppers are white.  Funny, I knew I wanted an outside wedding (even though theirs was technically in the church) long before I saw these pictures.  I'm such a rebel.  No gown, no veil, probably no white.

Happy Anniversary (in spirit), Mom and Dad!



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