QotD: Gifted

What is the most creative gift you have ever given or received? 
Submitted by Nacwolin.

A few moons ago, I had a friend that is/was a DJ.  He's completely into his music and real vinyl records.  His birthday was coming up and I wanted to do something cool for him.  Off I went to the store and came back with some stuffing, some fabric, a little spray paint, a needle and thread.

I sat down and wrote him a poem called "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life".  Then I asked him to borrow an album.  I used that to trace two circular patterns on the fabric (it was black, btw).  I took those and sewed them together and stuffed it full of stuffing then closed it.  I painted something on it, I don't remember what now, but it ended up looking like an album.  I wish I had a picture.  Anyways, One Love Sushi Digital really enjoyed his poem and his record pillow. 🙂

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