A Mild Slump – But A Video Too!

That’s where I am. The rational part of my mind realizes that I do plenty enough; the irrational part thinks all I do is lay on the couch and eat BonBons. The rational part of my mind knows there are only so many hours in a day; the irrational part says I could be doing SO. MUCH. MORE with my time. Hey mind, how’s about you get your act together?!?!

With only today and tomorrow left in the month, I could either finish strong or take it easy. You go ahead and guess which train I’m on. I think that having a “recovery week” in any exercise program is detrimental to my progress. It happens every time. I get lazy and I don’t do the recovery week exercises because they aren’t challenging enough. The rational part of my mind says that’s because it’s a RECOVERY week you moron; the irrational part says you’re so lazy because you aren’t sweating. Just sit around instead (because that somehow makes me LESS lazy?) On Monday, I’ll start the whole program over again. It’s not actually that bad to start over since it will have me finishing three weeks closer to vacation. Still leaves a month to spare. 122 days and counting. That will be a challenge – to write every day whilst on vacation. Trying to keep up a routine of anything while on a ship is tough. When you’re not working there, that is, and I certainly will not be working.

On the list of accomplishments for January, I completed our FabPole routines class. Video below. Hard to believe that we did this over the course of four weeks with only one hour per class. There will be a prettified version at some point, but this is it for now. I’d like to do it over, tweak some things here and there, but for the most part, I’m satisfied. Also, my armpits have fabric burn. Schmexy!

So at least there is that accomplishment for January, combined with I have put words in this blog every day and I worked out for most of the month. (As much as I know that numbers on the scale shouldn’t mean crap, I was still pretty disappointed when I got on the scale at the gym earlier this week.) Promotion plus raise is good. Bringing my gym membership fees down to a steal of $20 a month is pretty outrageous. Even if I only go to one Zumba class a week, I’m still saving at least $20 a month with this membership. It’s out of control and I love it! Bonus hot tub, steam room, and sauna included.

A family friend is a part of an event tonight that we’ve been invited to. Said event is in a strip club (which you *know* I have no issue with) and they’re combining with a “strip-off”. I didn’t know about this part until I started doing some research. Prize is $200. Chances hubby would not blow a gasket if I breathed in that direction? 2000%, lol. Perhaps I’ll just send my brother and he’ll have a good time. Because if you can believe the meteorologists, and you can’t, it’s supposed to snow 20 feet tonight or some minuscule amount that everyone will act like is 20 feet. Buck up already! This is Colorado where you should be used to the snow driving by now.  There can’t be that many transplants here from non-snowy states, although there are a lot of transplants here, us included. 🙂 We add flava to this pretty white state. (You add or remove punctuation as you wish there.)

Well, kids, we’re in the home stretch of this week. Be proud of yourself that you made it this far and give yourself something to look forward to every day even if it’s only the end of your work day. Have a great Thursday and be excellent to each other – name the movie.

Super Saturday

Not to be confused with, yeah, I’m gonna say it, Superbowl Saturday. Come get me, NFL. And while we’re chatting, I’ve got some ideas for you.

A grand Saturday as Saturdays go was today. Slept in, although that’s only until 9 it still counts for me because my usual time during the week is 5am. Treated it like a weekday and rocked the workout which was OMG WTF? I hate burpees and when you combine boxing, which I love, and burpees which I hate, it just destroys the fun of the boxing for me. Did it. Just like to complain. And I’m gonna be pretty smokin’ for the cruise in 126 days. I’ll be sure to brag about share some photos with you.

Got a little writing journal for the writing lab and sent off some promised DVDs. I think I’m doing pretty good this year with following through on my promises to people. I know that I’ve been previously bad at it, so if you’re reading this and I promised you something and didn’t follow through – first, I apologize, and second, remind me what it was. I may have been at a different position then so I may not be able to follow through with every promise.

Finally got my car washed even though it’s just going to snow again in another couple of days. I just couldn’t take it any more. Accidentally rubbing against the car, particularly in my white jacket, became a disaster. Tipped the guy and he acted like no one ever tips him. I mean, I wouldn’t really be all that surprised if a lot of people either didn’t tip or undertipped since a lot of people can’t get restaurant tipping right. Just makes me happy that that small, to me, gesture, made him smile.

Thought I’d do a little baking, so I’m making the most delicious brownies on earth. While putting ingredients together, I wondered why in the world I had enough flour for two cakes and 7 loaves of bread. I must be falling behind with my baking. I just need to figure out how to make some healthier yumminess. Then I’ll be a baking maniac.

Anywho, my timer’s going off and I’ve still got more writing to do. Hope your Saturday was super as well.

It Was The Best Of Times

It was the worst of times. Not classic books. Not classic rock. I’m talking about these twenty minutes  on the foam roller. OMG OUCH! Yep, I’m paying today for snowboarding without stretching on Saturday and also not following up that riding day with hot tub time (machine). No one to blame but myself, and I’m pointing that finger pretty hard this morning. This morning where I have the hips of,gasp, a 40 year old! Or maybe it’s just that I have beast quads and I just need to get the scar tissue broken up in them. Either way, I probably need help. Like a yoga chair. It’s high on the list.

Today officially starts this new job era for me. I’m partially looking forward to it, partially dreading it, and totally looking forward to my first paycheck. The fun never ends when you just aren’t sure when that’ll happen. Granted, I know that it will for certain by the end of the month, but will they break me off a little sumthin sumthin before that? You just never know here in ye olde Corporate America. Makes me wish, every now and again, that I could just skip it all and go back to bartending. Ah, that fun. Definitely where I’m at my best when I can smartmouth you and you’re gonna take it because you want your drink. No, wait, you want the drink that I made for you because, well, I’m a kickass bartender. But, reality struck (Better find out before your time’s out, what the f!%$!!) and real jobs happened and now I have too much stuff to go back. First world problems.

I think I’ll start openly talking about girl issues here. Why? Well, because it’s my blog and I don’t think that any of my 4 readers are male. You’ll have to make a comment down below if you are indeed male and then perhaps I will scale back the vagina monologues. But until then, I was so sad last week because I had started working out and I still felt as though I was the size of a bounce house. Fortunately, I came to the realization that I was just bloated from that wonder of nature that we ladies experience but I can’t wait to stop experiencing either by menopause (too long to wait) or surgical intervention (when I think I could find 3 weeks where I could sit still to recover). Man, you’d think my life is a lot rougher than it is. (I know I have it good. A lot better than some others. I’m not complaining. Much.)

At almost two weeks into the new year – where it alternates between feeling like January should be over already and it should be somewhere around the second day of the month – I’ve actually surprised myself by getting in here and writing down something, even if it’s only a few sentences, every day so far. 21 days creates a habit right? Or is that 30? And is it same time, same place? Ah well, I’ll just stick with being happy that we’re two weeks in and I’m still writing. My money is in the jar for the 52 week challenge. I’m working out. I’m stretching. I jumped (off of a very small jump) on my snowboard. 2014 is going well. The only thing where I’m falling behind is a latecomer to the ‘things I want to do’ party. I want to get a short story down once a week. By the end of the year, I’ll have an anthology of sorts. Dirty stories. Because they’re the easiest to write. But people are still out there reading Penthouse forum, so I bet they’ll read this.

Well, the time to get moving is upon us. Or at least, it’s upon me. Let’s get out there and get it in week three of the year. This week looks like two Zumba classes, a FabPole class, more working out, more stretching, and snowboarding on the weekend. How’s it looking for you?

Happy New Year 2014

Well, here we are. Most of us, anyway. Those of us who were lucky enough to make it out of 2013 and into 2014. This is, of course, the day of resolutions and such. I’m gonna go to the gym, I’m gonna eat better, blah, blah, blah. We all hear these same things every year, whether it be out of our own mouths or out of the mouths of others. As such, once again, I’m not making “New Year’s Resolutions” per se. There are a couple of things that I’d like to accomplish this year, but I’m not going to beat myself up about them if I don’t. So here they are, my non NYRs:

  • I’m going to attempt to have ZERO zero-word days on the blog. Typically, this is pretty tough because I don’t always have something to talk about. Remedy for this? The Daily Post provided an ebook that has 365 writing prompts so I’ll always have something to talk about. Formatting could change, but I will likely start off daily with the provided topic then continue on with my rambling if there’s rambling for the day.
  • As perhaps you know, I’m a Beachbody junkie (P90X, P90X2, Hip Hop Abs, Insanity) and I just got P90X3 and T25. Just because I don’t like to start programs in the middle of the week, I’ll be starting P90X3 on Monday. If I can stick with it (I know I can, lol), I will do each program twice this year and I will look phenomenal at the end of the year.
  • I’ve got to do some more stretching. I am, after all, not getting any younger. And it also goes along with…
  • Really focus on getting good at something this year. I haven’t yet decided what the thing will be. Pole? FabPole? Fabric? (not likely…makes my hips scream after every drop) Dance trap? I don’t know. One of those. One of something else. Something.
  • I may also work on something professionally. You’d think those priorities would be the other way around. But I’ve always been ass-backwards. SharePoint anyone?
  • Read! I want to read more. Perhaps I’ll actually use my GoodReads account this year? I read a lot of crappy books this year, I just didn’t put them in there. I need to expand my book horizons.

I’m sure that I don’t need to put any more unnecessary pressure on myself here.  So with that, let’s talk about today’s writing prompt: Stroke of Midnight – Where were you last night when 2013 turned into 2014? Is that where you’d wanted to be?

This one is easy. Boring, but easy. I was watching the oh, so interesting movie that was showing on the backs of my eyelids from the comfort of my pillowtop bed and Sleep Number pillow. New Year’s Eve hasn’t been a big deal for me almost ever. I can remember two specific times when I went out to a party. One was the suck and one was hysterical. However, I’m not interested in having drinks spilled on me or coming home smelling like a dirty ashtray. I’m also not interested in DUI checkpoints and the people who escape them and cause crashes. As such, I was safe, comfortable, and 2014 looked the same at 8am as it did at 12:01am, I’m sure.

Let’s see how long it takes me to fall off the wagon. It isn’t pessimism. I know me. Have for 40 years. Happy New Year to you and yours. I hope that 2014 brings you everything you’re looking for.

What Time Is It?!?!

Morris Day & The Time – The Bird by coolfunk

Yeah, that’s right. It’s time to take it old skool. Quit pretending you don’t know. (Except for those few of you who REALLY don’t know due to your age, lol.)

Why? I have no idea. It’s just what was in my head when I woke up. That, and the thought of staying in bed for another 45 minutes and not doing any stretching.

Stretching won. But, stretching didn’t win because I have this awesome willpower to get up and try to make my body do things that make it scream, “THIS BITCH!”, stretching won because I feel bad if I have the alarm set and Hubby wakes up to wake me up and then I don’t get up and I have roused him from slumber for no reason.

Yes, my exercise routine is based on a guilt trip that I planned without the assistance of my local travel agency.

Hey, welcome to Thursday! Another week nearly down the tubes. It’s been a great week though.

Monday we focused a bit on conditioning in Spin Pole, which is going to become a focus of my class. Beautiful, spinning inverts in 2013! Spin is followed by Groove Shop where we started working on our number for the showcase. These ladies are gonna crush it. I love them. They’re all channeling their inner ‘bad bitch’ and giving all the attitude necessary to dance to this song. I cannot wait to finish up the choreography in a couple of weeks so that we can just polish and be Number One Stunnas! (You know, except for the fact that I’m not actually performing with Team Groove Shop, just doing the choreography. I’ll be  performing separately, and hopefully sexily with Lenny K a little later in the show.)

Tuesday, when we could stop laughing for 30 seconds, we worked on some fun stuff, some stuff that requires either strength, flexibility, or insanity that I don’t yet have. But also worked on that beauty of a handspring and the Ayesha-Straight Edge-Brass Monkey combo. I wonder how long I could hold that elbow grip straight edge…fun contest that would be.

Yesterday was my “relax” day.That just means I didn’t go anywhere after work, lol.

Today I’m finally getting an insurance appraisal on my ring. Tomorrow is a trip to the chiropractor, thankfully.  I’m in need.

Saturday is Second Saturday, so either you’ve been reading and you know what’s up, or you can go look it up, lol.

Sunday is StudioShyne, where the pole goes up and I may dance around the living room like a total fool. Life is good.

Crap, it’s gone and gotten late and I still have to nuke my oatmeal to a million degrees so that I can’t eat it for twenty minutes and then I’m late and my whole day is off schedule.  The horror!

I’ll ramble more to ya later. Till then……..tell ’em, Morris.

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