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    Nightmares and Dreamscapes

    Is the name of a Stephen King novel.   There, I said it.  On with the post.

    Yesterday was a bad day to be in Miami.  See Roboco's post about the crane collapse, there were break-ins that resulted in shootings, the road that I take to travel the 9 miles from the place I work to my home was shut down because of a very bad accident involving two motorcycles resulting in a 2 HOUR drive to get home and the side street on the way was clogged up because of another motorcycle crash in which an older guy laid it down and was laying in the street when I went past.  Yikes, what a nightmare for Miami.

    There are only a few things that I am afraid of.  I mean, really afraid of.  Needles are one and bats are another.  Not like baseball bats, flying rats.  Those nasty little buggers.  I've never been a fan ever since one dive-bombed my head when I was walking home at dusk when I was around 10 years old.  ACK!

    When I lived in Mexico, there were bats everywhere.  I was freaked out all the time heading back to my room.  There were places I wouldn't walk because I knew they were hiding in there.  Slightly irrational?  Yes.  I've seen them on the ground.  I know how big they are.  They're small.  That doesn't make them any less yucky.

    Last night I dreamt that one flew into the house when we left our sliding glass door open.  This wasn't a small black bat.  This thing was huge and brown.  I think that's why I called it a coconut bat* in the dream.  It was as big as a freaking coconut!  Lovey shooshed it out of the house while I screamed.  I woke up this morning thinking, man I'm glad we got that stupid bat out of the house.  It was just that real.

    * I don't think there's any such thing as a coconut bat.

    Today, Kiddo goes to Mom's, thankfully not on American Airlines as I'm watching CNN and they just cancelled about 200 flights.  Tomorrow, we leave the country!  No, I'm not excited or anything.  😀

    It's hump day, ya'll.  Get your hump on!  Have a great day!  HEP.

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    Get out of my lane, Miami!

    I am, what most would call a good driver.  In my 16 years of driving, I've been pulled over about 5 times and ticketed about twice.  I've wrecked twice.  One completely my fault where I was late for work, driving too fast, and tapped the lady in front of me at about 5 mph.  (Of course this did not stop her from trying to get $10,000 from my insurance company for damages to her person and her car.  Just for future reference, lady, they take pictures of the cars.  My car didn't have as much as a scratch on it and neither did yours so quit trying to SCAM!)  The second wreck involved only me, my car, a rainy day, and a freshly oiled stretch of pavement.  (Yes, in PA, they OIL the roads.  Oil + water = skid, slide, BANG!)

    Last month, I got a ticket for failing to come to a complete stop before making a right on red.  Again, I was in a hurry.  So much of a hurry that I completely missed seeing the cop.  Oh well.  I took it like a man.  Or at least as much of a man that's possible as I'm not a man.  Did I aggravate the officer?  Probably.  Did his question, the ever popular, "Do you know why I pulled you over?" deserve to be answered with "Because I cut you off?", probably not.  At least he didn't nail me for not having my seat belt on. 

    This was my first ticket in FL and lucky for me (NOT), the most expensive one outside of speeding.  DON'T RUN A RED IN FLORIDA PEOPLE!  Anyways, $200 later, I figure I'd better take the traffic class so that the points aren't added to my license and therefore jacking up my insurance rate.  As I've been going through this class online, I finally came to a part that everyone who gets on the ramp to 836 east off of NW 27th Ave northbound between 7:20 and 7:30 am should know about:

    Drivers should be advised that highway on-ramps are for entrance to and preparation for highway driving. Drivers must no longer travel at the drastically reduced speeds suitable for city driving. Drivers are called upon to increase speeds to that of the highway traffic and use the on-ramp and subsequent merging lanes as a means to get into the flow of highway traffic. The driver is called on to signal, increase speed, and merge safely into traffic.

    Do you understand what this means, people?  Just in case you don't, let me break it down for you.  We have a few hundred feet of space to get up to the SAME speed as everyone else that is late for work.  Said late folks are NOT going to slow down so that you can creep, grandma-style into traffic.  You are going to cause a major accident.  In case that wasn't clear enough, let me elaborate.  Everyone else is going between 65 and 150 mph.  I use this ramp to have my Ricky Bobby moment for the day, wherein I blow out all the dirt that's hanging out in my injectors by redlining it in first through about third till I get up to speed.  Now, what do you think happens when you, turtle shell, are in front of me?

      1. I am deprived of my Ricky Bobby moment for the day.
      2. My baby Honda must choke on dirt for an extra day.
      3. You PISS OFF everyone within a half mile radius of your car.
      4. Quite often, you cause an accident.

    You may not think that numbers one and two are important, but ask any 6 year old how important number one and number two are, and even they will know the answer. 

    So please, Mr/Ms. Honey-I'm-So-Scared-To-Drive-Here-Because-Everyone-Is-Going-So-Fast, either get on the track or stay in the pit!

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