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    Angel Wings

    If I had a large photo of the human back and asked a random sampling of people, “If you were drawing angel wings on that back, from where would they sprout?”, I feel that the majority of people would point to the same general area.  Upper back, somewhere near the shoulderblades, right?


    Every now and again, maybe once every few months, my angel wings get super itchy.  It’s like phantom limbs or something.  Perhaps I’m here as a guardian angel, but I’m just now realizing it.  I wonder who I’m here to guard.  I don’t think that, so far, I’ve really saved anyone from anything so I suppose my work here is not done.  But, you know, the next time you hear a bell….it might be me. 🙂

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    What I want/don’t want to be

    Don't expect any soul-searching here.

    What I don't want to be

    • Cottage cheese – I'd get such a bad rep for being gross just because I look different, but throw some fruit in me and I'm delicious!
    • Whipping bitch – Yeah, just tired of that one.
    • Boring – Hey, wake up, I'm talking to you!
    • A procrastinator – Anymore.
    • Stressed out – Makes me grumpy.  No one likes that.
    • A fart – Seriously, who likes farts?  They're never welcome when they show up.  They're often loud and obnoxious.


    What I want to be

    • A genius – Come on, who doesn't wanna be really super duper smart?
    • A better writer – I must learn how not to ramble as much.  Or find a genre that embraces rambling.
    • Self-employed – Self-explanatory
    • Lucky enough to win the lottery – We've got plans for that money if we ever win it!  Believe it or not, at least half would go to family and friends, depending on the amount won.
    • A superhero

      – Yeah, Spiderman with boobers.

    • More graceful – Working at the circus does not automatically equal graceful unfortunately.
    • More creative – Yeah, I know, either you have it or you don't.  I'm somewhere in the middle.  I have bouts of creativity.
    • A bartender/trapecista – I love having the ability to mingle with the public but still tell them to screw off.  No one in their right mind messes with the bartender.  I just love to fly too.
    • TV pretty – Maybe just for a day though.  I've got a 'different' look that I'm quite alright with.
    • King of the world!
    • And oh yeah, better read – Not meaning that I want to read more books although I do, but I want more people to read the crap I post!

    Okay, I'm done now.

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