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    Breaking It Down On Day 2

    Welcome back aboard the Navigator of the Seas. I’m your cruise director and here’s a wrapup of yesterday’s activities.

    Fresh squeezed orange juice. Do you know how much I absolutely HATED it when someone ordered this when I was bartending in Sandpiper? With every fiber of my being is the answer and yet, I’m an asshole and I order it every morning because it’s included in my drink package and I have to have at least $20 a day in OJ and bubble water and bottles of water and Starbucks to make this worth it. I’m doing ok so far, I believe. I’m going to have to try waiting in line for them to make my eggs as I wasn’t in love with the scrambled. But who am I kidding, I’m an egg snob and I like them to taste the way they do when I make them, lol. This is why I want to have a breakfast restaurant. All breakfast, all the time. Eggs, and bacon and hash browns and waffles and p-cakes (Ant shoutout) and French toast and grits and oatmeal. Man, I love breakfast. Anywho…

    I had been reading up on people’s reviews of the ship and any little secrets I could find out before we came on board. Through this reading up I found a Facebook group and another group and found out that there would be a get-together here on the ship with RAFFLE PRIZES. Yeah, I’m all about getting something for free, even if it’s just the chance for free stuff. Off we went at party time to check out a part of the ship that we hadn’t yet seen. Cute little nightclub area. We dropped in out raffle tickets and had some punch. Some neat little stuff that was given away – mostly all RC branded stuff, but that’s to be expected. Hats, visors, shoulder bags, beach bags, a diamond pendant(!), and the thing I wanted the most, a bottle of champagne. Won it!

    Rained quite a bit yesterday and I managed to not fall down any stairs so I call that a win. The show was one of the best I’ve seen on an RCCL ship. Really funny guy who did an Elton John show complete with flamboyant outfits. On that entertainment point, I was certainly spoiled by Club Med. My expectations are high which leaves me disappointed almost every time. Not by this guy though, and not by the comedian during his adult late night show. Funny guy also.

    Still rocking out my vegetable love. Probably a little heavy on the potatoes, but they make them so many ways and they’ve all been good. And I just love potatoes. I cannot help myself.

    I think that the best part of the night was checking out the outfits on the dance floor in the nightclub. It was formal night and, while some folks get dressed for their pictures and then go change (like us), some folks just stay dressed all night. This was the case with Captain Fly Katt Williams Wannabe Without The Hair. Brother man was rocking out his cobalt blue pants with his matching blue and white striped shirt AND his matching blue fedora. He’s gotta be 60, easy. And let me tell you, when Flo Rida says low, low, low, low, low, low, low, that is where Captain went. I should’ve videotaped it. It was awesome.

    We’re still out on the water for another day. There are certainly some fun things coming up in the next few days. You’re gonna want to stay tuned. Until tomorrow.

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    Where DOES the time go?!?!

    This poor, neglected blog.  I’m surprised it even lets me sign in any more.  It probably wouldn’t were it not for Google Chrome being smart.  At times, I don’t post because I just don’t have anything to say or I’m being lazy.  This time, that is not  the case.  I’ve actually been too busy to breathe.  Even as I type this, I’m counting the minutes until I need to leave the house again.  I think the best way to catch up on what’s happened in August is……..bulletpoints!

    • As a member of Imperial Flyers, we put on an awesome amateur circus show.  No one got (seriously) injured and that always makes for a good time.  Threw two tricks, caught two tricks.  That’s a win in my book.  Videos can be seen here.
    • We passed our one year in Colorado/one year in our house milestone.  It isn’t “our house” since it’s a rental, but it’s definitely our house. 🙂
    • I went on a work retreat to Estes Park.  It was really great to get to meet our near-shore development team from Mexico and our developers who are right here in the Denver area.  We had a blast hanging around and talking and playing games.  And drinking.  And talking about the most ridiculous stuff ever.  Have you de-wormed yourself lately?
    • We made an appearance at my company’s picnic, for which I made some awesome pound cake cupcakes.  The cupcakes started the weekend baking binge.  The following weekend I made zucchini bread since one of Lovey’s co-workers had way too much zucchini and squash. It was so, so  yummy.  Lovey took a loaf to work and I got a few requests for my recipe.  Yay me!
    • WORK!  If you’ve followed this blog at all in the previous years or if you have the time/energy to go back through the archives, you’ll know that my work situation in Miami was just to the left of awful.  It was a toxic situation wherein, at one point, I was so stressed out that I was having what I called hobo dinner – a scoop of peanut butter and a beer.  Well.  All that has changed.  My current job is the COMPLETE opposite of where I was.  I enjoy my job.  I get up in the mornings and I’m excited to go to work.  I have piles and piles of things to do.  My intelligence and willingness to help are acknowledged and appreciated.  Oh yeah, and then there’s that fast track I’m on to be the manager of my little group and possibly a couple others.  I’m doing some online classes through work to brush up on my management skills.  I’m learning another of our lines of business.  And just the other day, I found out that I’ll be shooting over from App Support to QA full time for the remainder of the year.  We’re looking at quite possibly the beginning of the year for wheels to start not just turning, but peeling out with posi-traction.  Funny also that my boss lives within a 5 minute walk from my house and her boys go to the school down the street from my house.  It is really great to enjoy my job again.  It’s no Don Pablo’s and it’s no Club Med, but it’s probably as close as I’ll get in “corporate America”.  Also, I get to work from home two days a week.  WIN!
    • POLE!  If you came here through Facebook, you’ve seen my profile picture and you know that I do a little pole dancing.  It’s the closest thing to circus without having a trapeze in the house.  I started in Miami with the lovely Michelle Meier, currently of Iron Flower Fitness.  I have infinite thanks for Michelle, because, had it been any other instructor, other than the equally wonderful Marissa Alma Nick, I doubt that my pole journey would have come this far.  Where Michelle gave me my base, Marissa inspired me to move more gracefully.  Both ladies were just so instrumental, if you’re in Miami, living or just visiting, do yourself a favor and go visit them.  Fast forward a few years past Miami and I’ve found a new place to hone my craft – Boulder Spirals.  Sasha and Melanie just couldn’t be any more supportive, warm, and welcoming.  And let’s not forget wildly intelligent, because they did, after all, select me to work through their Apprentice training.  That’s right, I’m currently making my way towards being able (I think I’ve always been able, I’m just receiving the opportunity) to spread my love for pole dancing, fitness, and giving women an opportunity to step out of their usual box and feel strong, sexy, and empowered.
    So, you see, I’ve been quite busy.  You should see my iPhone calendar.  August was crazy.  A dot on more than half of the days.  September is currently only holding 11 dots, but hey, it’s only the first!  If you can believe it, I’m still trying to find time to prepare for a student showcase around mid-month which will be my first public pole performance, get to the boxing gym a little more regularly, and write.  I still have a couple of ideas for books that I need to get on paper…or computer.
    This is my stolen time.  The time before I absolutely MUST get up and get ready for work (where I can throw on jeans and a t-shirt and flip-flops and be appropriately dressed) but after the alarm has gone off.  The quiet time.  The only time I have for writing.  But again, I say that I will try to find this time more often.  And perhaps I will since fun stuff is actually going on.  Even now, there is more stuff happening, but, dear reader, there’s only so much I’ll bombard you with in one sitting.  We’re already at a thousand words for this post.  So with that, I will leave you, wishing you a happy September, a happy, long, Labor Day weekend, a working air conditioner if you’re here in CO with me (we’ll be breaking a temperature record today…97 in September), and just lots of fun, love, and happiness.  Go forth and caterpillar climb!