Bienvenidos a dos mil nueve (aka Fridaylutions)

Happy Friday to all my Vox hoodies and a grand welcome to 2009!

Starting this year out on the right foot and what more can I do other than keep putting one foot in front of the other.  "Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot." – Randy Newman

I do believe that I may steal a page from the book of crankypants and have weekly goals.  They're much easier to tackle than a resolution for a whole year.  Maybe I should throw in an overall January goal too.  So, without further ado, and more for my own sake than yours, poor reader, the Fridaylutions for the week of January 5, followed by the Janulution:

  • Force Lovey and Kiddo into 2 hours of daily family time.
  • Schedule a personal training session (it's free, thankfully).
  • Hit the gym Monday and Wednesday morning, Friday after work. 
  • Yoga on Tuesday night.
  • Finish all week one classwork BEFORE Saturday morning.
  • Stick to the eating plan.
  • Drink more water.  A lot more.
  • Be more focused at work.
  • Outline Chapter One of upcoming novel wannabe.
  • Cheer the Fins on to victory.
  • Adult time with Lovey on Friday or Saturday night.
  • Finish the current book I'm reading. (leisure)
  • Install Joomla downstairs and read first two chapters of Joomla book.

Janulution:  Lose 8 pounds, get better hydrated, gain more flexibility for upcoming trip.

There.  I think that's do-able and it'll make me feel good to get it all done.

And in case you think that I forgot, the Reverend MiamiShyner wishes you all the first ROCO Friday of 2009!

Now get out there and love each other!!  😀

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Mid-week observations

Again, I don't have anything of substance to talk about so you get a list.

  • My eyes are slowly and painfully being squeezed out of my head by exploding sinus cavities across my cheeckbones and my forehead (if there are some up there).
  • I finally managed to get some sleep last night.  Hooray.
  • Just because I'm not looking at you doesn't mean that I'm not listening to you even if I'm on the other side of the room.
  • I won't forget for a looooong time if you say something that is insulting to me although I probably won't mention it at the time.
  • Jesus I hate Miami. (Yes, I know.  Move if I don't like it.  As soon as the market is out of the crapper a little bit, I will.)
  • NaNoWriMo starts in just about 12 hours and I am unprepared.
  • There is nothing that you can do/say/or have that will make me believe that you are better than me.  Maybe in your head you are, but in my head, you are not.
  • A college degree does not make you smarter than me.  It simply makes you in more debt than me.  It's a shame that in your four-year degree there was not a class in common sense.
  • If you want something, say so.  If you want something specific, say so.  Don't give me free reign and then tell me it's not what you want.
  • I need a concealed weapons permit to feel like I could be safe working in a bar.
  • I really wish I was better at certain things.
  • Today is Halloween.
  • I have found the perfect song to perform a sexy pole dance to for Lovey.  Now I just need the pole, lol.
  • Sunshine got stuck in the back of some closet somewhere but she needs to take her rightful place front and center.
  • I've spent too much of my life catering to other people.  Now is the time to cater to me.

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