The End.

Whew! It’s over. Colorado Pole Championship 2014 has come and gone. The most prevalent question is always, “Did you win?”  The answer: no, in a trophy or medal way, I didn’t. But in so many other ways, yes, yes I did.
To my fellow Masters Division competitors, THANK YOU! You ladies made this experience so much less stressful and so much more enjoyable with your compassion, love, and understanding. Even though medals and trophies separate us, we still stood together (or leaned on our wheeled walkers together) in support for one another. I can be almost 100% certain that this is not how all competitions go, so I am oh so thankful to have had this experience with you. Mel, Lisa, Kris, Tammy…you’ll be in my heart forever. I’m so proud of each and every one of you for getting up there and putting your hearts and souls on display.
To Leesi and Sasha, for without you, I would be trying to pole on thin air, thank you for your generosity in allowing me to utilize your equipment and facilities to work out this performance. You are certainly my enablers in the best possible kind of way.
To Nina, for without you, there wouldn’t have even been this opportunity to perform. Thanks for holding it down for Colorado and giving competitors and those who wish to compete one day a place to do just that.
To Team Imperial Flyers, YOU GUYS!!! Thank you for coming out to the show! I loved seeing you there and I hope you had a blast. Nicky, Kristen, Violeta, and Alex, from the rig to the stage – HEP!
To the ladies of Boulder Spirals, much love. You guys are so supportive and you always have a smile and a hug for me no matter how long it’s been since I’ve seen you, poled with you, or even chatted with you. It’s with you ladies that I cut my pole teeth and for that, and for your love, I’ll be forever grateful. Jaslee, Leslie, Daisy, Linda, Chrissy, everyone. Thank you. <3 To my L’Ru Crew, well, I’m not sure what to say outside of FUCK YEAH! For having my back. For yelling till you’re hoarse. For laughing with me in the studio when I’m complaining about a move ripping off ass meat. For still loving me if I catch up to you in PDP on Monday nights. For accepting me for who I am, baked goods and all, lol. Joy, Alexis, Amber, Chelsie, Meg, (I know I am missing ladies and I am SORRY!!) but MAD LOVE to you guys! To ALL of the competitors, you all rocked! Thank you for sharing your vision and your talent. Thank you for your comraderie back stage. Ariel and Dave, Lauren, Nadia for being extra nice to someone you didn’t know. Meri and Sara, for just being you. 😀 To every single person that put two hands together or opened their mouth to cheer, thank you. There were some folks that knew me but I didn’t recognize in the excitement of the moment. For that, I apologize, but know that I am grateful. To the complete strangers who really got it, who got the energy, who felt pulled into the fun, this one was for you. Thank you for making me a winner! To my makeup guru, Holly (and her mom Tracy), a million thanks for helping me create the look I was going for. Great big expressive eyes to help tell my story. I do a lot of talking with my eyes and you certainly helped me to tell my story! Last, and certainly not least, I’d like to thank my family. Thanks to my brother, Jesse. Thanks to April for coming out. A tremendous thank you to my mom for FLYING OUT to see all of these shenanigans. And thanks to my hubby, Jorge, for putting up with all of the time away from the house, the grumpiness, the aches and pains, and everything in general that comes with competition training. I really couldn’t have done it without your support. So, in the end, did I walk away with a trophy? Nope. But, did I walk away with a sense of accomplishment, a sense of satisfaction, a feeling that I shared my energy? Yes, I did. Did people tell me they were encouraged to try pole based on my performance? Yes. Did a husband ask me to try to coerce his wife into competing? Yes. While I may not have touched the judges, I moved the crowd, and to me, that is far more important. Thanks, CPC, it was a wild ride. image


The Diary

That video right there? I’ve never even watched the whole thing. I’ve never heard the entire song. I’ve simply seen some pretty funny fail videos set to it. Also, it’s the sort of thing I like to yell at random times. TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?!?!

Geez, I just looked at the “lyrics” to the song. Typical Lil’ Jon minus the what, yeah, and ok. Literally, it’s repeating the phrase over and over. I bet it’s great for an entrance though with a music mashup behind it.

Two weeks ago (2 weeks already?!?!), I shared the news of getting into the Colorado Pole Championship. Now I’m on this countdown. 43 (Troy!) days of choreography and training and possible new moves remain. I will then have two weeks to polish said choreography before a rest day of picking up my mom from the airport and having more chicken. Because chicken. It’s what’s for dinner. Almost every day. And quinoa. And black beans. Some days, a girl just wants a cheeseburger, ya know? And some days, this girl has a cheeseburger. Because, hey, competition isn’t the end of the world and I like food. I just try not to look like I like food as much as I do.

And how does one do that? Well, for me, this morning, after a night of sleeping like absolute crap because my shoulders are sore as are my legs, 5am rolled around much too quickly. I was ultra-groggy and I didn’t want to get up. However, since the alarm went off and Lovey woke up to wake me up, guilt gets me out of bed. So there I was, half awake and wanting nothing more than to crawl back into bed. Instead, I took it downstairs one level. I went into my thinking room to talk myself into moving. The conversation I had with myself went a little something like this:

Me: I’m tired. I don’t want to work out.

Me: Do you think other people aren’t tired? I bet they still get up and work out.

Me: It’s only Tuesday, I have three more days to work out.

Me: It’s. Only. Tuesday! Don’t be lazy so early in the week.

Me: I’m sore.

Me: Do you think that other people aren’t sore? They’re still gonna get up and train and then they’re gonna beat you.

Me: Fine.

And so, I went down one more level and had a little talk with Shaun T, and by talk I mean sweat-fest. Because I’m a glutton for punishment, after I was done fighting it out with Shaun, I took on Tony Horton. Thank goodness for 30 minute workouts. How else would I jam all this into the morning, right? But wait, there’s more! Finishing out the holy trinity of sweat and pain is Kristina N who pushes me to stretch for that split – and backbends when I don’t spend so much time trying to talk myself into working out. There’s Zumba on Tuesdays too. I think all I do any more is sweat. Huzzah!

Obsess much? Yeah, I do. And I’m not even full-on yet. I think that poor Lovey may shoot me before this is through. If he can catch me at home, that is. At least it’s only once.

Since we all (most of us) know that abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym, I’ve been trying to keep an eye on my food intake. Making sure that I’m getting enough calories (I usually am at least 100 short for the day.) and trying to get to some magic formula that will keep me awake and able to work out but won’t pack on fat pounds (muscle pounds are fine) and will slim me out a bit…for that day. The rest of the days, I don’t really care if I look thin. With so much conflicting info out there, it’s tough to determine the right numbers for me personally and I’m not even thinking about paying a nutritionist. My best guesstimate from all that I’ve read is that I should keep chugging down the water which I’m getting better at, ramp up the protein just a touch, perhaps a tad more fiber (mmmm, Metamucil), and somehow, less carbs even though I realize that they are fuel. Perhaps I just need different ones.

Wow, what a ramble! I guess this is going to turn into my competition diary, so don’t expect much else in the way of posts for a little while. But keep on coming back if you’re interested in that sort of thing. I’m sure I’ll have something funny to say about myself most days. Until tomorrow, keep putting one foot in front of the other. It’s all we can do.


So, I have/had this bucket list, right? And I’m slowly trying to knock things off of it sort of as part of the five year plan. Not that I couldn’t crush things off the list in Mexico (and not that actually making that move happen isn’t a huge deal), but I need to get it done. I’m sure that in an older post somewhere, back towards the beginning of the year, there’s actual notation of that list. I’m fairly certain that one of the things was the 52 week savings challenge, which I am rocking by the way. $406 put away as of this Friday and $1378 at the end of the year, which I was thinking of blowing for a mountain weekend for either my birthday or Christmas, but instead will now go towards, what else, the five year plan. There’s nothing like an almost seven grand (plus interest) cushion to sit on when you leave the country.

Also on that bucket list is to do one pole competition. Now that I’m over 40 and I can compete in the Master’s division, I figured I would go ahead and throw my hat in the ring. Well, I threw my hat in the ring along with I’m not sure how many others, but my hat ended up being one of the five that are still in there. Shit, you guys! I’m actually competing against (performing with) four other highly talented ladies and I am going to have to train my ASS off just to not look like a fool up there. What have I gotten myself into?!?!

Let me tell you what I’ve gotten myself into. Or what I’m going to get myself into – which is the best shape of my life. I have no other choice. I have to reach both maximum strength and maximum flexibility. Of course, strength will be easier than flexibility. It always has been for me. Nevertheless, the regiment has already begun. Cardio, strength training, yoga, stretching, repeat. Of course there’s pole training as well. Yes, I am considering barfing just thinking about this. But I also know that I can do this. The judges’ feedback tells me that I can do this.

More often than not, when I’m dancing publicly, I’m trying to tell a story. There will be points in the dance where I’m really feeling something and I want to get a point across. Or sometimes I just like to hit a move that coincides with the music/lyrics. I can’t even explain how exciting it was to see the feedback and to see one judge specifically point out one of those moves. Something else I am noticing is that the big, deliberate movements that I think make me look like a spaz apparently do not do that as I was complimented on those movements too. Don’t get me wrong. The feedback wasn’t all unicorns and glitter. I do have things to work on, but they’re also things that I already knew I needed to work on. Things that don’t come naturally to me because I’m not a dancer. Grace has never been my strong suit. I’ve always been more of a brute force kinda girl. Don’t believe me? (If you know me, I don’t see how you couldn’t.) Ask my Club Med first season co-GOs. Especially the circus ones. I still fly like a beast, lol. A muscular, non-toe-pointing, grunt it out, beast. This. Is. SPARTA!!!

Now begins the choreography. I am promising no one but myself that I will give it my all. I will not slack. I will get up there and at the end of my performance, when I collapse to the ground, whether by choreography or from exhaustion, I will know that I rocked it. I will be proud of the work that I put in. And I will gladly cross this madness off of my bucket list with a smile.

See you on the pole in September.

ROCO Friday- In My PJs

Good Friday morning to the flock. Let the congregation say, ROCO! And not just any ROCO, it’s work from home ROCO. It’s I’ll be in my pajamas nearly all day ROCO. Yeah, that’s right, I came down the stairs in those mofos. It is almost the weekend! And the congregation says, ROCO!

I kid you not, this day is an integral part of my week. At least two days I week, I want nothing more than to be able to wear something super comfortable and instead I have to put on work clothes. Today, I wear what I want if anything at all. These are good times. They aren’t quite the best of times. That video is for another day. Maybe when I’m on vacation in 93 days.

Yes, I have a countdown happening. It’s on my whiteboard as a reminder not to slack off on working out for 90 days starting on Monday. Three straight months of getting it in will have me body-ready by then. It’ll also serve as a base for the strength I need to gain if I’m thinking about participating in the Colorado Pole Championship this year. The hardest part about the whole concept is that I need to prepare possibly two routines, supposing that I am accepted.

I lean towards going forward with this as I’ve been saying for some time that in year 40, I would do this. I’m still not 100% on board, but the wonderful feedback and support I got yesterday from just mentioning the though pushed me from 50% to at least 75%. 🙂  A big part of, well, everything, is flexibility and my lack of it. It’s something that I would REALLY have to work on along with strength. That full front split isn’t a requirement or anything, but there’s also so much more to flexibility than that. I need to work that upper back and shoulder shit too. Ohhh, the work involved to participate. Yes, participate, not compete. I want this to remain fun. It’s like a showcase but just on a bigger stage. I’m not going to think about winning or losing or placing or competition at all. I just want this performance to be better than my last one. Yep. That’s my goal.

It’s also my goal to get through this day of work successfully and that means getting to it. Have yourself a great Friday and never forget, ROCO!