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    Nothing to do

    My brain is off on some sort of vacation and I need to try to lure it back because we have things to do, contrary to the title of this post.  I guess I will try luring it back with fun stuff.  So off I went to the Writer's Digest site for some thoughts on what to write about.  When I get inspired, I will take their topics and make funny or disgusting stories for your amusement.  Enjoy.  Just not right now.

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    The Numbers Game

    3 – days left till the long weekend

    11 – days left until Moonfaire

    33.72 – years I've had on this planet

    1029.83 – years I've had on other planets

    4 – number of shoes at my desk

    10 – pounds I want to lose

    5 – realistic pounds I have to lose

    17 – days left until the GO reunion

    166 – days till we bust our collective ass snowboarding

    6 – manmade holes in my body

    3 – tattoos

    4 – cars I've owned

    3 – times I've escaped death

    10,000 – pennies in my checking account

    3 – places on my body bruised from pole dancing

    5 – nights of good loving after pole class

    111 – posts on Vox

    6 – websites I've created

    1 – website I've created that's still up and running

    2 – fantastic business ideas

    0 – minutes spent working on them recently

    40 – minutes spent explaining the distributive property and simplifying (Algebra) to my daughter last night

    1- dirty story posted on Vox

    2 – times I've considered deleting my blog

    umpteen – things my brother and I have laughed at together

    2.08 – years spent with Lovey

    1 – trip out of the country planned for next year

    10 – months it took to get in circus shape

    1 – month it took to lose all core strength

    1500 – dollars it would cost to have a single trap in my back yard

    2 – dollars I have put away towards it

    6 – average number of calls per week to our house by bill collectors with a wrong freaking number

    2 – brain cells shared by bill collectors who don't understand that there's no P Garcia at our house

    6 – concerts I've attended (that's sad)

    2 – times I've seen wrestling live (is that more sad?)

    1 – times I've been approached by a roadie and almost kidnapped out of a state where I didn't live

    4 – countries in which I've taught the trapeze

    0 – reasons for posting this


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