Awwwww shit. Two days in a row! And that means absolutely nothing. Even though it’s likely that I’ll make it through the week, weekends have been and continue to be my downfall. That’s truly terrible. It isn’t as though my job is so stressful that I need some major relaxation on the weekends.

Sidebar: Remember yesterday I was talking about AWESOMESAUCE bosses? Well, today, current boss emailed me this morning with kudos on a catch I made a couple weeks ago that the customer’s IT dept hadn’t caught. In the thread, she had even stated that I found it. If you’re in corporate America, you know that this isn’t the norm, unfortunately. Again, big ups to the current boss lady. Who will probably never see this.

I fall into these habits of just lazing around the house. I mean, after I teach and we grocery shop and clean the house every other weekend. The couch is my mortal enemy (and the new one will be here in the next 60 days so I will have a new comfortable battle to fight but that’s another story) and I struggle to escape its comfy grasp, however I know that I can prevail.

On to today’s topic: silence.

I’m going to go ahead and guess that most people live in either the silence camp or the background noise camp. Or perhaps you have a preference for different situations. Personally, I’m pretty strong on team STFU. Oooh, I wonder if this preference correlates with the setting in which you grew up. I’m a country girl and I prefer silence. Hubby is a city boy and prefers background noise. Has this been proven yet or am I just science-ing it up over here? SCIENCE!

It isn’t like I never want sound in my life. I’m not that strange. Cooking? Cleaning? Dancing? Working out? Movement in general? Yep, pump up the jams. Working? Reading? Sleep? Please shut it all down. Even right now, as I write this, I have music in my headphones and that’s probably why it’s taking me well over an hour to finish this one post. I get sidetracked because I’ll hear a lyric and go off on a tangent and get sucked into some YouTube or other hole and forget what I was doing. Hey look, a squirrel!

I started to chastise myself about jumping around from topic to topic here, but stream of consciousness is how I do things. Perhaps if I can get back into the groove of writing regularly, I’ll start to make sense again, but until then it seems like these posts will just be brain dumps. *shrugs*

And with that, on to the next topic, lol. Back in July, I completed a 100 hour yoga training in a facet of Ashtanga yoga called Rocket yoga. I kept up with my practice fairly consistently through August but then I fell off. I’ve been focused on weighted cardio for the last few months, but my body has been looking for something different. I had a, wait for it, limiting belief (yeah, only some people will get that but that’s ok, it’s for those that do, lol) that I couldn’t get both done because there simply wasn’t enough time in my day.

Well, the lie detector test revealed that this was a lie. When I simply sat down and wrote down the things that I wanted to do and the time in which I had to do them, I found that I did indeed have time if I just stopped fucking around.

In case you aren’t familiar, Ashtanga and Rocket are not what most people think of when they hear yoga. It is, of course, the same poses that one would traditionally see, but the sequencing is different and specific and kicks you square in your lily white ass. Notice I said YOUR ass because I didn’t describe MY ass. In regards to MY ass, it was sore along with many other parts of my body after jumping back in to practice. But after three days back in, muscle memory has kicked back in and I’m feeling less sore and more floaty.

The plan is to keep hitting up the yoga for this month and then add the weighted cardio back in when we hit the new year. You might not know me, but I know me and I gotta add stuff in a little at a time or I blow the whole thing up and go back to zero. If you remember yesterday I mentioned my eight things to do daily. I hit them all but one yesterday. Aiming for all of them today. Wish me luck and come back tomorrow to see how I did. 🙂

You Know What Day It Is

Wake up, wake up

Yes indeed. It’s the first of the month once again. And it’s usually when I make a blog post and promise that I’m going to be better at writing more frequently. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. I know that never happens, but I keep leaving this space open so I can keep lying to myself every month. For real. My last blog post was in July. I’m a damn mess.

But hey, I’m still here. It’s a new month and I get to try again.

I had this thought of just doing a brain dump for 20 straight minutes, but trying to do that in the middle of the day doesn’t work out so well. Damn work thinking they can interrupt me with….damn work! I joke, I joke, I kid, I kid. I enjoy my job and the people I work with. Novel idea, right? I actually like my boss. That’s only happened twice before. Now that has me thinking though. I’ve had plenty of bosses, but I’m only going to think about the ones in the corporate settings. *rolls through mental resume*

First, I haven’t had as many jobs as I thought when I take out things that weren’t sitting at a desk. Most likely I’ve had more jobs than most people have in that timeframe (seven in OMG twenty years) but upward mobility is a thing and I used it to make more money. Shoot me.

Anyway, it went like this as far as bosses:

  • Ditz/Insecure wench
  • Person who never even spoke to me
  • Pervert
  • Weirdo/Weirdo/AWESOMESAUCE/Weirdo
  • Super chill/Bitch from hell

The lines that have slashes mean that I had more than one boss in a place due to changing my role within the company. So yeah, if you were my boss and you’re reading this, you can probably figure out where you land. And if your name isn’t Amy, Jane, or Sandy, you aren’t awesomesauce.

I know you aren’t wondering, but this is what living with me is like. Three sentences on one topic before I jump to something completely different and random and wonder why you didn’t make the transition with me. It’s also kinda what being my friend is like too. Except there are also massive amounts of time where I just go missing. I’m still here and I’m probably still checking up on you in some form, I just don’t have the energy for a full-on conversation. So yeah, I’m not an asshole…most of the time…I just need recharge time.

On the topic of time, I never seem to have enough. I know that isn’t actually true because I waste a ton of time. When I switch my mindset, I know that I need to rid myself of or limit my access to time wasters. First stop, motherfucking match 3 games on my phone. I am the worst with those. I tell myself that I’m keeping my brain active. I am lying. That step is done. They are gone. Now I only have one game on my phone and that’s a daily logic puzzle so I actually am keeping my brain active. I swear I need a shock collar to give myself a kick in the ass. I have great plans…..then I get sidetracked with nonsense. That’s the next stop. No more nonsense. I have plans. I have things to do. And I really ought to get them done. They’re even in a list. Eight main items for daily and two side quests to try to achieve a couple times a week.

Does eight tasks a day seem like a lot? I mean, it’s really only one task per hour of a work day. Not that I’m doing them (all) during my work day, but no, the answer is no, it isn’t a lot. What are the things? Fine. You’re not really interested, but they are exercise, yoga, learn to twerk (lol, yes), meditate, stretch, write, read, and a flow toy session. The others are pole, FabPole, and handstands. Yes that’s three but the pole things go together in my book.

And this, my friends, is why I don’t get things written. It’s already 5 o’clock and now I have to run off to do other things like cook dinner. Weeeee! Let’s see if I make it back tomorrow for another round.


Some days, I get stuck finding a video to put at the beginning of the post. I could simply not have music. I mean, it’s really just for me, but so is this whole blog. And of course, for you, dear reader. All two (on a good day) of you. 🙂 You’re appreciated.

This is how I’m feeling this morning, though. All the days won’t be perfect, so I’m trying to stand the rain. Truly, is there something wrong? No, not physically, for the most part, not mentally or emotionally, but some days, I just have to put in a little more work to get that umbrella up.

It’s now twenty til one. This is another thing that happens often. I’ll start writing something and then get so super sidetracked that I might have started the race in Talladega but I’m finishing in Homestead. That’s right, I know like three NASCAR things. Go Bubba.

All of the morning’s angst has dissipated as it usually does by this time of day. As I look back on it, I think I was just in a ‘doing too much’ funk for a moment. I was sore from new exercises (where I damn near blew out both my quads, but ok) and a lot of them. It’s important to realize that I need a day off from exercise, even if what I’m doing isn’t all weights and cardio. Yoga, and especially Rocket, is a freaking workout! Every now and then, I also need to get off my own case. I was feeling quite down on myself that I didn’t want to do any sun salutations this morning. And for a while, I didn’t. I searched for that video up there, watched a few more NE videos, then a Jamie Foxx speech, and I almost got lost down the wormhole. Just in the nick of time, I turned off YouTube and hit the mat.

That’s all I’ve got today. Bits and pieces. Hasta la pasta.


Happy Wednesday!

You know, every time I think that I’m going to write every day, I never do it (at least not in a whole bunch of years). One would think that I would remember that, but no. I forget. Every time. Then I beat myself up about it. But oh, not this time. If I get one post a week, I think I’m doing ok.

Yes, I used to write almost daily. A lot of that happened when I had really bad bosses though. Bosses who did things like this or this or this. Back then, I was using writing as a way to get stuff off my chest so I didn’t go ballistic and get fired, lol. Either I’ve calmed way way down or things just are a lot better these days, or both. Probably both.

Let’s be real, it isn’t like the world isn’t falling apart right around us, or at least the United States is, but if I let all of that angst in, I’d probably just sit in a corner rocking myself back and forth all day. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an empath, but I definitely gotta block out some of this madness. The yoga, stretches, meditation, and community of the training I’m in are certainly helping also.

By the way, you’re welcome for that little earworm up there and blessing you with some Method Man to get you through the rest of the week. Sexy ass motherfucker.

I suppose I could dig deep for something else to tell you here, but then I’d just be rambling, so I’m just gonna sign off. See you next time.

We All Knew


One. One is the number of days in a row that I could write. But one is also now my current streak. One must start somewhere, right? So what if I keep starting over and over and over and over. And over.

Sidebar: I picked this video over the official video because I’m pretty sure this is the tour (not this specific concert) that I saw with hubby. Stage looks the same but I’d really need to see the balloons at the end to know for sure.

Kirk drives this song and gives it life. You just feel it in your soul.

So while I haven’t been writing, I’ve been keeping up with a little project in a FB group which takes less time every day. Then, you know, work, and banging my head on my desk about my own stupidity and connecting to the wrong database. Well, hell, it’s time for dinner and chillin’ and QT. I need more time in the day and I’m going to find it with my planner.

During my ill-fated time as a Realtor, I started loving the hell outta my planner. All pretty lines and colors and erasable ink and time management goals. It didn’t always work, but I liked feeling like it should work. That wasn’t the first time for planners though. When I think more about it, I’ve been using them on and off since my manager days at Don Pablo’s.

Those were some of the most hilarious and ridiculous times of my life. Not quite on par with the Club Med days, but a jolly runner-up. The stories…well, maybe I’ll put them all in a blog or a book some day. For both places, lol. One of the absolutely most tame but still make-me-smile memories was our “who gets the night closed out the fastest” competitions in management. It’s a numbers game and I know numbers. I got that down to be on par with the fastest of the experienced managers. Why were we in such a rush, you ask? Well, pride, for one. I mean, we couldn’t leave until the kitchen was finished regardless. We were also all ready to just unwind, debrief, and laugh among friends and the sooner that happened, the better.

Adding daily yoga back into my schedule is definitely going to be nothing but a positive. I’m already learning new things to make everything feel better so at some point down the road, I might actually have a decent ROM in all of my joints. Excitement!

You don’t need a novel. Your attention span isn’t that long. See you next time.