21 Days To Freedom

I know I haven’t posted in a few days, but even still, you can do simple math and see that the number up there doesn’t quite match up with the last post. Of course, that is if you’re following along, and that’s probably like 2 of you. Today, the command decision was made to bump that last day back a coupla few days. I mean, how crazy is it of me to think that I could work that last week and then come home and finish the packing before we head out on Saturday?!?! That’s just dumb on my part. Not any more! And honestly, in the grand scheme of things, four days of pay is neither breaking the bank nor is it worth the stress.

21 day fix to lose, eh, about 150 pounds. Bwahahahahaha, I’m probably being nice on her weight. 21 days to a new habit. A habit that doesn’t include this stress! Hahahahahahahaha! But for real, I’m not in the least bit excited.

You know how me and plans go. But I’ve got full on support. We’ve got a plan. I know what the hell is up. Go us! There are even timelines in play here people. Shit got real.

I really thought that I was gonna have more to say today, but instead, I’m just gonna do the happy dance for four less days of work and boogie on outta here.

Say What?