Adventures in Baseball


Since we’ve been out here in Colorado, I do believe that we’ve made it to at least one game of each Pirates/Rockies series. This year was no different. It took a while to decide which game to attend since there was a 4 game series this time. Originally, I considered Wednesday evening AND Thursday afternoon, but then I changed jobs and didn’t have the ability to take the day off on Thursday. Sad face. BUT, it became a no-brainer when I found out that the Batman was pitching on Monday.

After the first tough decision comes the second of where to sit. Typically, at most games, I would sit along the first base line because that’s where most of the action is, but since it’s been all away games when we go (Pirates and Marlins), we’ve taken to sitting on the third base side. I contemplate switching it up and then I can’t bring myself to sit on the home team’s side. StubHub has been, and remains, my go to for tickets to almost anything. When I logged in there and found some club seats for $16 (!) each, I knew we had a winner.

As is typical for Coors Field, or any baseball field/stadium for that matter, food and drinks are overpriced and not as tasty as you want them to be. Expected. As is typical for an away Pittsburgh game, there were plenty of Pittsburgh fans to be seen, repping the city. We had some behind us, some in front of us, some to the right (we were on the aisle) and even the usher at the top of the stairs was a Pirates fan even though he’s lived in Denver for the last 50 years (which likely meant he’d been somewhere else for at least 20, but more on him in a minute).

The game itself was pretty spectacular. A lot of action and not much of it negative. Happy to see AJ in person one last time before he hangs up the cleats. ICYMI, Pirates won it 9-3. Remember that usher (his name is Carl)? Once on a trip back from the restroom, Carl wanted to chat me up. Ok, I can deal, it’s a Burgh thing. Yeah, until he calls me over and wants to stroke my arm in a totally creeper way. Dude! Pretty sure I managed not to flinch. He’s harmless. It was just unexpected. And weird. And a little yucky. But I survived.

Downtown Denver after dark. I don’t dig it. I’ve done my fair share of downtowns after dark: Pittsburgh, Miami, New York, but Denver actually leads the scary list. Yes, over New York. As Lovey and I were walking back to the car, well, there was plenty of blog fodder, but I’ll keep it to this:

We’re walking down the sidewalk and we’re approaching a group of five young men (and I use that term VERY loosely) sitting on a wall that we have to pass. I move a little closer to the edge of the sidewalk toward the street as I was a step or two ahead of Lovey. We gave each other the eye, confirming we were both aware and prepared for any bullshit in 3-2-1-now. As I’m passing, one of them screams, literally screams at me, “HEY!” Now, first of all, I’m no stranger to people with penises not knowing how to speak to people with vaginas. But really? Trying to scare the shit of someone isn’t the best way to try to grab their attention. Besides, it’s so disrespectful. Holla holla holla holla holla holla holla.

After this penis person’s “greeting”, I whipped my head around and gave him the most evil eye I could muster. Somehow, it wasn’t until the evil eye was thrown that Penis Yeller put two and two together that Lovey and I were together. Congrats, genius. And now that you know you have no chance (but really, you NEVER had a chance. NEVER. Because I’m way past the point that someone sitting on a wall with his boys at 10 at night might be of interest to me. 20 years past. But anyway) of getting anything beyond said evil eye from me, you turn your focus to Lovey. And you have the audacity (and maybe you know what that word means), to tell Lovey that “You better keep an eye on your girl *spoken loudly*, because I’m out here *spoken softly*” LOL!! I’m not gonna call you out your name here, but son, you done lost your motherfucking mind. Both Lovey and I know that I don’t need to be “kept an eye on” because I can handle my shit. And yeah, you’re out here. Out here not doing one damn thing. Oh Penis People, you never cease to amaze and astound me.

And that, my friends, is a night in Denver. Where even in the club seats at Coors Field, a mouse will run across your foot. Peace!


It’s. My. Life.


It’s my life
It’s now or never
I ain’t gonna live forever
I just want to live while I’m alive

Sometimes, we (meaning I), just completely forget this. It is my life. I’m not gonna live forever. And I do want to LIVE while I’m alive.  It really literally isn’t now or never, but figuratively, it might as well be.

Last night I was handed some interesting news regarding my job. Nothing bad, just something that may cause me to be way more “in front” than I was planning to be quite so soon. While my job has been new and exciting thus far, things are gonna ramp straight up to overdrive next month.

After I had some time to absorb this news, I started thinking about my own well-being. I started thinking about the things that I’ve seen others do that I want to be able to do. I started reminiscing about the things that I used to be able to do and my body balks at them now. And I started thinking about how if didn’t make a change, there would be no changes forthcoming.

Typically, I would have this revelation and then say to myself, OK! We’ll start this on Monday. But that’s how I would usually do things and the usual way hasn’t been getting things done. I decided to start this morning. During the week, I’m always up at 5 to get my workout/yoga in before I start work. I slack for a while and check Facebook/Instagram/email/Candy Crush before I get moving. Then before I know it, I’ve wasted too much time and I haven’t gotten everything done that I wanted to do.  Yes, I’ve wasted too much time to complete things in an almost 3 hour window.  Moral of the story: smartphones are the devil.

With this newfound (ha!) insight into my life, I figured I would try something new. The devil was to stay on its charger until AFTER I finished all the things I needed to do and it could come out to play when it was Instagram time. Whaddaya know, it worked! This morning I got my groove back with Cize (Shaun T), then probably bruised up my core with my weighted hoop, and finished it off with some yoga focused on the second chakra as it is Sacral September after all. Know what? It felt great! Something as simple as leaving that fucking phone alone left me all kinds of time this morning. Even enough time to buzz and gua sha my leg.

Buzz = using my magic wand to loosen up muscles and gua sha = something similar to Graston which you’re just gonna have to look up on your own. You’re welcome. You learned something today.

Even though it’s only been one day, I feel that I am now on the right path. I can start to believe that I am exactly where I need to be. This path of putting down the electronics and getting on the mat and being more present is where I need to be. A little more fit and a little more happy is where I need to be. I can see the path I should be on to meander around where I need to be and perhaps those branches that lead to where I can go.

I’m a work in progress, even at 41 years old. I’ll probably always be a work in progress and that’s ok. If you’re not making progress, then what are you doing? Question I had to ask myself. Do you need to ask it of yourself? Are you where you need to be? Do you know how to get there? Do you even want to? These questions – and many others – can only be answered by you….or the next episode of Soap. ( I SO hope that the theme song started playing in your head!)

Until the next time, all 4 of my readers, I hope you find all that you are seeking.

Ha! Hoo Ha!

Ah yes, the kung fu. This song was number one on the charts somehow when I turned 21. I am NOT that old.

So, hey, September already. Summer is pretty much gone and snowboarding is right around the corner. Someone wanna explain where all that time went? Please?!?!

With August came a new job. First month down and it’s been interesting to say the least. First time working in a true startup. I have so many ideas but I really have to try to dole them out a little at a time. I can be overwhelming. 😀

Now I’m mostly into the swing of things and I’m taking multi-tasking to a whole new level. It’s kinda crazy but fun. And keeping on that multi-tasking idea, I’ve gotten back on my yoga mat. I’ve been pretty disconnected but I’m working my way back. I’m spending this month focusing on the sacral chakra, where creativity and emotions lie. I’m hoping that opening that bad boy up will help with my writing processes along with some other issues that need to be addressed. I’m ready. After doing nothing all of August thanks to injury, it’s time. Cardio with Shaun T every day, yoga every day, handstands every day, or at least attempts at them. Hopefully I’ll come away with something that makes it all click a little better on Saturday’s handstand workshop.

While it’s only September, and the beginning of it at that, can I tell you that I’m getting excited for Christmas? I know, I know. It’s way too early to even be thinking about Christmas and usually, I wouldn’t be. However, since we moved, I now have an absolute shit-ton of space which means I can put up both the tree AND the village this year. Bradford Exchange is not helping my problems by showing me stuff like this:


In case you didn’t know, I just love me some collectibles. And if your decision is to hate on the Steelers, that’s your business, please just move it along. I won’t be using this space to defend myself or whom I support. Anywho, it’s a big Christmas year this year! I still don’t want to deal with presents (and we mostly don’t), but I’mma decorate the shit outta this house.

Other notes of interest, to me at least, include that I should have some more fun photos at the beginning of next month. I swear that one day, I will get better at being in front of the camera. I need to learn to relax out there (I should probably just have a beer first) and try to enjoy myself…and stop looking at the photographer. Photogs around the world likely just can’t stand working with people like me, lol. Totally uncomfortable, face-making, no pose having, only look good when I’m guffawing with a totally open mouth people. That’s me.

You’d think that I’d have more to talk about, but no. So with that, I wish you a great day. It’s hump day after all, Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike. Peace!