Starting Fresh Every Week

It’s a new day, it’s a new week, it’s a fresh workout, it’s Monday.

Vag check. I like Mikey Bubbles. Vagina in possession? Check.

You know, every time I start hitting the weights again, I forget about the last time I hit the weights again. Yes, I feel good and I look pretty decent, but I also hulk outta my clothes. It’s like my arms and torso both get longer while my arms, shoulders, ass, and quads get bigger. I noticed that my snowboard jacket was a little short. Then getting dressed this morning, my blazer has short arms and doesn’t extend as far down as it used to. It’s like fat guy in a little jacket except I’m neither fat nor a dude.

Sometimes, I may act like a dude. Sometimes, I may be gross like a dude. Not like someone who shall remain unnamed that has been sick for like 1.5 months and hawks loogies at his desk. But like walking through the parking lot and failing to see if anyone else is around before I fart. Oops. I almost laughed out loud when I noticed that someone was behind me. Yes, girls fart too.

On a totally different topic, it’s almost time to buy a new bikini. I’m having one hell of a time finding something that I like. Of course, I would like something in black and yellow, however I’m not finding anything that I like in the color scheme. If you see something cute, please send me a message. I figure I have about six weeks to make this decision to allow for shipping and all that.

And on another totally different topic, it’s almost time (or probably past time) to start thinking about my entry routine. While I know that I work best under pressure, I guess I’m going to have to plan better than I would for a showcase although, in my head, that’s how I’m looking at it. A showcase in which I want to polish my routine a little better than I would usually. Ok, a lot better. My pre-song is selected and luckily I have a while to determine what the show song will be, if I will be performing. Hopefully, I’ll love it when a plan comes together. And if said plan comes together, I hope that the couple of local folks reading this will come out and cheer me on. J It’ll be my first and last VERY public pole performance.

It’s a busy week and they only get busier as the year goes by. I fear for my body when I get to the point of after work activities on nearly a daily basis. Or I fear for my relationship. Thank goodness that guy loves me because I like to be way too active in stuff. Just working on the balance where we do stuff together too. Guns, fish, and bicycles baby!

That’s probably just about enough chatter out of me for the day. I hope your Monday has been a little less painful than the last. Hasta manana.

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