All Aboard!

I’m adrift in the middle of the ocean.  The Gulf of Mexico anyway. Not really adrift I suppose. But you get the picture.

Sunday, we left Denver in the wee hours to fly on down to Galveston, TX to board our floating home for the  next seven days. We decided against going to actually check out Galveston in favor of just getting on the ship and getting comfortable. I did, however, snap a photo.

It seems like a very old, industrial type city, but you know, I didn’t actually go to explore it.

We were favored with very calm seas on our sailaway on Sunday.  It was like we weren’t even on the water. Since I had heard a rumor that you got a free bottle of wine if you book the steakhouse on the first night, you know where we were going, right?  We both had a huge filet. Tasty? Yes. As good as when hubby makes steak at home on the grill? Nope. The rest of the wine is still in the fridge. I have a few days to finish it. J

Monday we caught some of the wind and chop from the tropical depression. That means it was a little rough. I had to be really careful where I focused and for how long to make sure that I didn’t get seasick. No pills or patches for me. I did spend a lot of time out on our ridiculous balcony just watching the water. Like this:


During my ocean observations, I came to a conclusion: You do not “fall” off of a cruise ship. Either you jump, or you are thrown. There is no other way. Unless you are about seven feet tall and top-heavy, it is just impossible. I also, with my non-swimming, non-water-loving ass, could see the drunken interest in wanting to jump in. The ocean calls to drunken fools. Its beautiful color, ever-changing, its bubbles to tickle your whole body as you plunge into the deep. Fortunately, rationality takes over, in my case at least, and I know that I’d be dead within two hours because I’d panic. On the ship I stay.

We spend a lot of time on the balcony just enjoying the fresh air and the quiet. We’ve seen several albatross, some flying fish, the random seagull, and lots of dragonflies. The people in the next cabin are part of a large family reunion. They’re funny. They peeked over to our balcony and asked if we were on our honeymoon. No, but yes, our third honeymoon. Dayumn! They say. It’s called vacation, people. When we do it, we do it right. (Even when I have to be forced to play the max bet on penny slots. HA!)

We got a lovely sunset last night.


I have yet to do any exercise outside of the million laps around the ship we do on a daily basis. I may not do any at all. It’s a massage kind of day and I’m there for the hookup at 1. No talking and use your elbows!

Tomorrow, we hit Jamaica. Hopefully I’ll get around to taking photos of the ship from top to bottom to share. Until then…

Sorry for the randomness. Ship internet is a great big pain in the butt.

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