37.63 – Natural Born Boxer

Cardio m-f-ing boxing. Day 2. I love it. Ha, and Rocky 3 is on right now. I pity the fool!

So, class tonight. Not as tough as the first time but still a great class. We were throwing some combos and the instructor was walking around making sure everyone had some sort of form. He got to me as I was all jab cross hook uppercut hook hook slip hook to the body hook to the head and he looked at me a little funny and asked if it was my first class. I told him that, no, it was my second class. He then asked if I had taken classes somewhere else before, but no, I haven’t. He seemed perplexed. I told him that I watched a lot of boxing on tv (thanks Solo Boxeo, HBO and Showtime!) and grew up with mostly boys (thanks to both Shawns, Runner, Harpo, Matilsh, Justin, Larry, the Cathers brothers and everyone else who put me through the paces) and he said he could tell. Then I blew a snot bubble.  Scheck-shay!

Water break.

Next combo rolls around and I’m all jab cross hook uppercut hook hook slip hook to the body hook to the head move and jab move and jab move and jab cross jab cross and he came over and said that he’d have me in the ring in no time. I told him that I really wasn’t interested in getting hit in the head and he said that’s why we slip. Ha! Touche!

Let it just be said that I love these classes. I’m going to shoot for three a week of the cardio boxing before I step it up to the cardio kickboxing class. I. Will. Kick. Your. ASS! With that being said, it appears that I may be a natural. Now, I know that there are one or two of you who have a smart ass comment regarding any natural ability I have at sports (I’m looking at you Negativo and Ant), and let me repeat: I. Will. Kick. Your. Ass. 😛

Well, I’m whooped. I’m gonna go make love to some extra strength Tylenol and Blue-Emu super strength and hit the sack. With an uppercut.


Say What?