Opulence, I haz it

And I would trade all of it, the gold bars, the gold busts, the gold couches, even the miniature giraffe
(but NEVER the DirecTv) for a good night’s sleep. I am really and truly hoping that last night was just a fluke. I’ve had sleepless nights before, but last night was what we call ridicuous. I literally tossed and turned all night. This is not a good thing for having to deal with what is basically and 11 hour day on the phones. I actually have to be mentally present. I can’t just (wait for it…) phone it in. *rimshot*

See? Without sleep my corny jokes get even worse!

Last night I tried a glass of wine with dinner as wine usually makes me quite sleepy, but I knew what was ahead when at 10:30 and lights out I was still wired like I just knocked over a Starbucks.  Here I sit, seven hours later, more or less awake, but knowing that I can’t have a lot of those nights. I guess tonight I’ll try some melatonin. Like half a bottle.

By the way, did I tell you that I love the house we’re in? The only downside is that I’m not supposed to make holes in the ceiling. I’m not supposed to. We’ll see how long that lasts. Why would I want to make holes in the ceiling, you might ask? It’s because they’re vaulted. They’re nice and high. And I want my pole up in my office. Who’s gonna notice 3 little holes all the way up there? Meh, we’ll see.

In other hypochondriac related news, I saw a news clip the other day about a little old local lady and Jayson Werth. They both had wrist surgery because they had a UT tear. I think I have the same thing. I, however, don’t currently have insurance *sigh* nor am I really willing to go under the knife (says the girl who went under for cosmetic reasons). I wonder if those things will heal themselves.

Well, the sun isn’t up so it’s time for me to go shower. In another couple of weeks, I’ll be leaving home before the sun comes up and getting home after it goes down. That’s winter for ya. Now bring on the snow so I can get my board out!

2 thoughts on “Opulence, I haz it

  1. Ooooh, sleeplessness is brutal. (Although I might live with some insomnia if I could get that little giraffe in exchange!!!!!) So, uh, did you injure your wrist poledancing? Or doing something else?

  2. I'm hoping that after a glass of wine, some nookie, and a few melatonin, I get some friggin sleep tonight, lol.
    I honestly don't know what the hell I did to my wrist. I'm still working on figuring it out whilst I tell myself not to injure it further by pole dancing. 🙂

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