I Guess I’m Old Now

Just moments ago, I returned from Walgreen’s.  I went to pick up a little sleep aid and some chocolate since it was on sale. (See that excuse for chocolate?)  Upon arrival, they were piping in “Love of a Lifetime” by Firehouse which I find to be an interesting song to be playing in Walgreen’s.  It’s also “our song”. 

The next song that came on was “Stray Cat Strut” by the Stray Cats.  I really love me some Stray Cats – Brian Setzer Orchestra too.  I was singing along as I stepped up to the cashier.  The cashier, a young man of about 17 at most, said to me, “I end up singing these songs all of the time. They just repeat them over and over.”  Without even thinking, I replied that I sing along with these songs because I had ALREADY BEEN BORN when they came out.  I guess I should’ve just taken my shoe off and started eating it right then.

His response?  “Oh yeah, my mom listens to this stuff all of the time.”

I must’ve made some sort of face because he tried to clean it up with, “Well, at least it’s good.”

Damage done, kid.  Damage done.

At least I have chocolate and I’m getting a good night’s sleep.


Say What?