From my "Weird Files" – 5/7/2007

Occasionally, strange things happen. More often than not, strange things happen to me. Yesterday was another episode of my own personal X Files.

I take an herbal supplement twice daily. I have a very difficult time taking pills, so it’s an ordeal. I thought that this particular capsule had gone down rather easily. I chucked it back and drowned it in water and thought that everything was okay. I thought.

But then I burped, which, in and of itself isn’t odd, but the cloud that came out of my mouth was very odd. I’m not talking about cartoon cloud of smelly burp, I’m talking literal cloud of dust came out. I thought that I was seeing things or going crazy. That may have been better. Somehow, the little guy that lives in my throat managed to get his grubby little hands on the capsule and he broke it open in my freaking throat.

There’s a reason that stuff is in a capsule. It tastes TERRIBLE! Five glasses of water later, all was back to normal, but that incident surely did nothing but make my pill-taking issue even worse.


Say What?