Day 2 of 90 – the torture continues. Now with 23!

If you’re reading this, you’re either in the ‘hood or you’ve been invited depending on which site you’re reading.  I’ve been forced into lockdown mode due to The Man snooping around.  As with most folks, there are some things that I feel The Man doesn’t need to know.  Wait, make that I feel that The Man doesn’t need to know anything about me.  Isn’t that just terrible?  No matter, my time on lockdown is limited and soon I will return to my full-on, open to the world blogging.

Due to a lack of football and my really missing it, I run my countdown football style.  Right now we are closing out the final week of the season.  So, do the math and you can figure out when my own personal Super Bowl is.  I keep a note where it can be seen at all times and I actually borrow a line from OchoCinco reminding myself to be great every day.  It also reminds me how far along in the season I am and also to stay in the game.  I’m around 95% sure that anyone else who saw my little note would just shrug it off as “man, she’s crazy” and that’s just the way I like it.

Today’s P90X torture was Arms and Shoulders plus Abs.  I was able to make it through Arms and Shoulders, but the Ab workout was the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen or tried.  I am no stranger to ab workouts either.  I typically get two good ones in a week over at ye ole pole class, but this blew those away.  All I can do is be hopeful that the next time that workout rolls around that my abs will bring their A game.  On the up side of all of this, my clothes are starting to fit a lot better and I’m overall feeling better about myself.  So, SCORE!

Do you want to read about wedding stuff?  Maybe?  Okay, well skip ahead if you don’t and keep going if you do.  All is going swimmingly with the planning.  Not really much to do and I like it that way.  Still have to dress the child and the groom (which somehow is my responsibility…the child, sure, but the groom should be able to handle this on his own) but I do at least have ideas for them.  Even though I bought my dress over a month ago, I don’t have my first fitting for another month still.  By then, I should be well on my way to a rocking hawt bod.  Must resist the temptation to buy a shit ton of new clothes for honeymoon week.

I’ll keep this from getting too long-winded here.  I hope that all my readership is well and as always, I thank you for visiting.  Come back tomorrow for more rambling from my slightly bent mind. 🙂



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