How I Met G$

Preface: G$ is Garen Gueyikian, formerly Granian, currently the frontman for Kill The Alarm.

I love live music. At any time you can give me a guy or gal with a guitar and a mic and let him or her have at it and I’ll listen for hours, providing said performer is good of course. Back in 2001, before I left for parts unknown, AKA Club Med, I did my best to fill up my MP3 player (not iPod, I wasn’t that cool yet) with as much music as humanly possible. One of the songs I happened to download was “Whole Again“, but, it was mislabeled as John Mayer so I still didn’t have the full knowledge.

Fast forward about two years. Still in parts unknown, just different parts with different people. My roommate, Ant, at that time was someone I knew from almost day one of my Club Med days. (Shout out to I Fly!) One afternoon, we were chilling in the room, listening to some music when “Whole Again” came on. Ant went over to make sure he was hearing what he was hearing and then asked me how I knew of Granian. Completely confused (although G$ really has a COMPLETELY separate sound than JM) as I was under the impression that I was listening to JM, I requested an explanation.

Proving once more that the world is indeed quite small, Ant went and pulled out Hang Around and played “Whole Again” again. Having already been in love with one song, I devoured everything else Ant had by G$. In an awesome twist of fate, it just so happened that G$ was coming to visit us at Club Med to do a little performing and a lot of hanging out and having fun.

If you’ve ever met G$, you already know that he’s one of the most down-to-earth people around. None of that I’m-a-rock-star attitude crap. He sat around with us, played, sang, and completely caught me off guard when I was singing along (quietly) and he abruptly stopped playing, trying to catch me singing. Ha! No I will not sing in front of the professional!

G$ came to visit a few more times (that I got to be a part of) and never failed to provide us with great entertainment. It is because of him that I will now play the hell out of “Shape of My Heart” by Sting and “New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel and I’m not afraid to say that I like G$’s versions better.

If you haven’t yet, click on one of the links above to get the G$ Experience. You won’t be sorry.

One thought on “How I Met G$

  1. I ran across Granian the same way… mislabelled MP3s from a friend. The songs Whole Again, All In The Face and Mark My Words caught my attention initially… but I've stuck around to watch G$ throughout the years. Got the wonderful opportunity to meet him on 2 occasions. He is so friendly and fun-loving. I can't wait to see what he does next!

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