Separated at Birth?

I’m sure that more than once you’ve considered if two people had been separated at birth. Maybe they look alike or they act alike or maybe you were just tired and giggling while laying in bed watching football.

That last part was the case when Lovey and I concluded that the gentlemen pictured may very well have been………separated at birth!

Their similar qualities:

  • Both men have been involved in professional sports
  • Both sport a skullet
  • Both have a crazy, bordering on outrageous personality
  • Both have two children
  • Both have a last name that ends with the letter B
  • Both have appeared on TV and in movies outside of their sport
  • Both are “respected” commentators about their respective sports
  • Both born in southern states
  • Both have been a champion of his sport
  • Both have made a foray into some sort of cuisine
  • Both have the first name Terry

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the long, lost brothers………Hulk Hogan and Terry Bradshaw!

Say What?