Dirty mouth?

No, this isn’t about swearing or why you had to click that you agree to get here. 🙂

It’s about this:
Certainly you’ve seen the Orbit chick in her white outfit telling you how awesome Orbit is in every way, shape or form. Well, I’m here to tell you that, for this product at least, she ain’t lyin’.
I don’t chew a lot of gum (wrinkles, ya’ll!) or at least when I do chew it, it isn’t for long. But this makes me wanna leave the one I’m with! There is a certain segment of the population, ahem 420, that is really gonna love this gum.
I chew a piece of minty gum in the morning after my coffee because I don’t want to monster mouth anyone at work. That gum, however, becomes a dry rock in my mouth after about five minutes. Not so with the Orbit. It’s yummy, it stays soft for a long time, and damned if it doesn’t keep the mouth hydrated like a champ! Honestly, I hate to spit it out. I have yet to chew it until it runs out of flavor and/or hydration and I think I’ve chewed it for at least an hour at a stretch.
As such, Orbit Mist gets the InShynesMind seal of approval.

Say What?