Respect my fresh

A line taken from my brother but I really like it.

It's late in the day, but I was caught up in work all day, or until one when I left.  It's mini-vacation time folks.  We're headed off tomorrow morning for the weekend.  I'm going to try to remember to take pictures and if anything might be of interest, I may post next week.

Today my horoscope said something rather interesting.

Do not turn down any opportunities today, Shawneen, even if they seem like dead-end roads at first. This one could be your lucky break. Realize that success doesn't always have a big neon sign pointing you in the right direction. Prosperity simply comes because we act freely and instinctively. This is one of those days in which an unmarked door can lead you to the yellow brick road of happiness and well-being.

(Damn you Vox, I consider myself fairly intelligent, but I can't get my font back to what it was before the blockquote.)

So, this is cool because yesterday, I was given an opportunity for which I needed to follow up today and after reading that little tidbit, I followed through with full force.  Maybe after I have more details, I'll post about that too.

Last night was my first class of the second session of pole fitness.  I'm still up in the air as to if I will enjoy this session.  I already know it won't be as good as the first session since the teacher insists on calling me by the wrong name. (She puts an A at the end.  Even after I pronounced it correctly.  Even after I spelled it.  Even after she looked at it on paperwork I filled out.)  But it's a step towards being the Level 6 hoochie that I aspire to be. 🙂

In the studio where class is held, the walls are painted red and it looks like they were lightly sponged with black over it.  I guess the idea is to create a sexy atmosphere.  It does a decent job when the lights are dimmed or pointed in the right direction.  There's a floor-to-ceiling mirror all along the front wall also so that we can see what we're doing (or how badly we're doing it).

If you didn't already know, I live in Miami.  Home to Latinos and Blacks with a sprinkling of plain ole white folks as well as a few others.  So when you think about the women here, it's a lot of tits and ass.  Think Shakira, J-Lo, Beyonce (or Bouncy as my Pop called her).  Lotsa curves everywhere.

It was towards the end of class when we were all just kinda standing around not doing much when I looked up at the mirror.  Everyone could be seen, although only silhouetted.  This has never happened before and it will probably never happen again.  I thought to myself: Gee, maybe I need to gain some weight.  That's right, I said gain some weight.  In the land of salsa and merengue, I guess hips, ass and well, some belly work well.  I literally thought that I looked unhealthily skinny compared to these other women.  One woman has the kind of ass that each cheek waves to you for every step she takes.  Hi!!  Hello!  Hi there!  Hey, lookit me!

Now, the reality is that I'm a hair under 5'2" and I'm rocking a good 125, sometimes 130 pounds.  I'm pretty muscular due to 4 years of flying trapeze. 

I used to hand out tickets to the gun show.  After I stopped flying, I got soft, squishy even and went up to about 140.  When my mom asked my brother if I was pregnant, I knew that's when it was time to start working out again.

Presently, I'm what I like to call fit.  I'm happy with where I am for the most part (nothing a little boob job can't fix) and I just can't believe that I thought that last night.  I blame it all on my surroundings.  

You know, just like cocaine's a helluva drug, Miami's a helluva place to live.  It can bring you to the heights of your night, excite you, give you the shakes.  It could do absolutely nothing for you and leave you wondering what all the hype's about.  It can drain your wallet before you know what hits you.  And for some, it can be addictive.

But not for me.  I've seen what cocaine Miami has to offer and I tried it.  I thought it was cool for a while but now I'm just over it.  I'm ready to go cold turkey.  I'm ready.


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Don't call it a comeback

Though they gave it all they had, Drnk's Drnks, much like Britney, couldn't pull it together for the win.  Drnk's week started badly with a dismal performance from Drew Brees who may see some bench time this week.  It certainly didn't help that Roboco's team, loaded with Chad Johnson and Plaxico Burress, had a HUGE week.  A die-hard Steelers fan till the end, Drnk found it tremendously difficult to watch the Monday night game, plagued with injuries, and cheer on the, gulp, Cincinnati Bengals.

This week, Drnk plays Fins Win.  I love that I play the two people that I know "in person" in the first two weeks.  It could be a weekend full of turmoil for the Drnk/Fin combination as we head off on a weekend vacation with only one laptop.

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6 years ago

It is 8:30 am.  Six years ago, in about 15 minutes, lives changed, lives ended, the world became a different place.

Ixtapa, Mexico

It's the end of my second "season" with Club Med and it's been a trying time.  While still adjusting to the CM lifestyle, I had a nasty breakup with my boyfriend of about a year who happened to also be my roommate.  Can you say uncomforatble?  The village is all closed up for the fall break, all the guests have gone home.  The only people here are we GOs.  We've been hanging out for the last week, cleaning and just letting loose after an interesting season.  Last night, we watched Armageddon

Today, I'm going home to Pennsylvania to hang out with my brother for a few weeks before I go to my next village, Punta Cana, to teach rollerblading.  I put my luggage out for the guys to pick up and I start to head up to the reception area to catch my taxi to the airport.  As I went through the theatre area and to the bar, I looked up at the television to see a building on fire.  I stopped for a moment, wondering what movie was on this early in the morning.  It took a long time for the reality of what was happening to hit me.  I dropped my bag and just stood there in front of the television.  Paralyzed.  Wondering how in the world could this happen.  Wondering, more importantly, are my friends in New York okay. 

The moments passed and more people began to gather around the television sets.  We saw the second plane hit.  It felt like someone was dropping bombs inside my head.  We watched as the reports came in that yet another plane had gone down, this one in Pennsylvania.  I scrambled for more details on that plane.  It went down about an hour's drive from our house. 

Somehow, the trance of the events was broken and I realized that I needed to call my mother.  All she knew was that I was flying to PA today.  She didn't know when I was flying or even where I was at the moment.  I had to dig through all of my stuff to find my calling card, only to run out to the phone to find that all circuits were busy.  I tried and tried and tried, but I couldn't get through.  I knew that I had to talk to my mom, and soon, to let her know that I was okay.  Not mentally, but physically, I was okay. 

I went back to the gathering of GOs still watching television to find out that the borders had been closed.  No air traffic.  Nothing.  There we were, some Mexicans, some Canadians, and a lot of Americans, shut out of the US with little to no communication with our family and friends.  A slight panic spread through the village as the word got around of what had happened and the repercussions of it all.  I went back out to the phone and somehow, luckily, I was able to get through to my mom.  She was relieved to know that I was okay to say the least.

There we were, about 100 employees, stranded in a village with very little, if any food remaining as most people were to leave today, with just each other for comfort.  Praying for those who had lost their lives and for their families and friends.  It was another week before we were allowed to fly.  It was another year before I found out that an acquaintance, Perry, had lost his life in the attacks.  It's been another six years and I still remember it like it happened yesterday.

Today, I give thanks to the men and women who serve and protect our country.  I pray for the families and friends of the victims.  I hope against hope for a time when there might be some semblence of "normalcy" in the world again.  Mainly, I just remember.

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The best way to start your day

Is probably oral sex and then a nap, but when you have to go to work, I guess this is second best.  When I left the house this morning, the first song on the playlist was already streaming on Sirius downstairs.  Imagine my surprise when I started the car and the same song was on the radio!  I thought I was going crazy, so I put on the Sirius real quick and guess what?  I'm not crazy.  It was on in both places.

Thank you Sirius for making my drive a little better today.  Here's the my house to work playlist:













Yep, that's what got me to work this morning.  Let the day commence!

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Now that's soft

Over the weekend, Kiddo wanted to go get a mani/pedi, so as part of her b-day present, I obliged.  If you live where I live, and you don't because I'd know, there's only one place to go to "git yer nails did".  Many people feel the same as the place opened at 11 on Sunday, we arrived at 11:01 and there was already a huge line.

At noon, I was rapidly losing any semblance of patience, so I told Kiddo that if she wasn't in a chair by 12:30 that we would just have to come back on Thursday as I'll be leaving work early and she has no school.  She looked less than thrilled but agreed, as if she had a choice.  Fortunately for her, before the clock struck quarter after, she had made her way over to a pedi chair.

I was contemplating if I was going to have anything done at all.  I used to be pretty vigilant about going to get my nails done every other week when I had the acrylics but they were killing my nails (which are messed up to begin with) so I quit acrylics and basically quit "pampering" myself with pedicures.  Don't get me wrong, I take care of my slappers and kickers at home, I'd probably get kicked out of bed if I didn't.  Now, my line of thought goes something like this: "I could just get my feet done and not spend too much more time in here watching "The Dog Whisperer" (HACK!), or I could go all out and just spend a buttload of money."  Well, it was the second and damn if it wasn't a marathon of that show.

The nail salon is pretty interesting.  On the acrylic side, we have the Vietnamese and on the mani/pedi side, we have the Cubans.  Occasionally, a V crosses into C territory, but never vise versa.  Kiddo got a member of the Cuban foot mafia while I got a newer girl, V, who was super nice.  Now, at 14, Kiddo doesn't need the spa pedi and fortunately, the CM (Cuban mafia) didn't give her one because it's an extra 10 bucks or something like that.  I, on the other hand, am paying, and therefore I get all the pampering I want.

Mmmmmm, spa pedicure.  Ok, after Cindy (my mani/pedi-ist) turned the water on and went somewhere, I had to flag down one of the CM to mention that my little tub was about to overflow.  Oh Dios Mio!  Here comes Cindy.  So she gets the routine questions out of the way (what color, round or square) and then I get to sink into my massage chair.  Or at least until Kiddo sends me text messages from 4 chairs down where the CM is harassing her about why she doesn't speak Spanish.  My child till the end responds with "Why don't you speak English?"  God I love that kid.

Cindy breaks my relaxation concentration once she gets to the part where she massages my legs for a moment.  "Your skin is so soft!  Do you wax?"  I reply that I don't, I just shave in the shower and she is just flat out amazed.  She lets me relax back into my chair but I still find it amusing.  Here is the part where I would typically insert that most folks of color would have soft skin because of the daily process of putting on lotion to avoid being ashy but the woman that was right before me was black also and apparently her skin wasn't so soft.

After my feet have been beautified, we head over to make an attempt at making my hands match.  Cindy, the great saleswoman, asks me if I want to get my eyebrows done also.  At first I tell her no, but then I start thinking to myself that they must look horrible if she asked, so I buckle.  Hey, vacation is in a mere 4 days.  If I spent 5 weeks working out to look good, I might as well go all the way.

It was a completely girly morning/afternoon topped off with disgustingly greasy food from McDonald's but sometimes, that's just the price you have to pay for mom/daughter bonding.

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