Mount up Monday – The Ole! edition

Happy Monday morning, Voxiverse!  (Or feliz manana de lunes, I think)

Not only is it Cinco de Mayo (not Mexican Independence Day), but it's a Mount up Monday.  That's right, get on your horses and ride!

I wish to the heavens that I was off today, enjoying margaritas and basically getting sloppy falling down drunk with the rest of the revelers, but alas, I have bills to pay so I'm at work.  I will have to settle for mango margaritas when we get home. (Made with fresh mangos off the tree in the back yard, deee-licious!)

Speaking of mangos, our tree is exploding with those bad boys so it will be time soon for my mango-cheesecake delight.  So tasty.

The weekend was as good as a weekend could be.  Tons of fun on Friday night watching the Marlins knock around the Padres.  Most of Saturday was spent catching up on homework.  I've really got to try to plan better so I don't end up doing that.  Much more interesting things to be done on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  Sunday was errand day and more homework.

I can't even begin to put into words the way the time is just flying by.  I honestly used to dread Mondays, but now I actually look forward to them because it means I'm one week closer to gettin that paper.  I started looking into Microsoft certifications and nearly swallowed my tongue when I found out how expensive the classes are.  And it isn't like there's just one class.  I'm just guessing here, but I think it would cost me another 10 grand to get two certifications, and that could very well be an underestimate.  Yikes!  Oh well, one step at a time.  I'm trying to self-teach myself PHP since I do know a little about it.  I've got this 200 page tutorial to get through.  After that, SQL.  The fun never ends.

Maybe I'll give myself some goals for the week on MUM.  Here's this week:

  • Finish homework before Friday
  • Stretch for at least an hour daily (pole class in one week!)
  • Read 20 pages of the tutorial

Yeah, that's enough.  I'll start small.

Well, I hope that you all pasen un buen dia.  Hasta luego…..

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