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    37.whoknows – Happy May

    Hey, hey!  Remember me? Blog owner…blog neglecter?  Yep, well, I’m back.   For a hot minute anyway.

    One might think, “Oh, she hasn’t posted lately, so she must be SO busy”, but one would be wrong. I mean, things are always hectic, that’s just the way life is, but I’ve been just procrastinating with the writing I suppose.  I’m my productivity’s worst enemy.  I need to change that.

    Sometimes, I start writing and then I just get stuck.  That really sucks and is part of the reason why I stopped.  It’s like I just go brain dead in mid-sentence.  What?

    Here’s what I should be working on:

    • Insanity – I have to be beach ready in 6 weeks
    • Flying – Before the end of the summer, I’d like to once again find the balls to throw my forward over (out of lines, of course)
    • Poling – Really gotta get this up more than once a week if I’m gonna make any progress.  Would love to take a class but money doesn’t grow on trees yet.
    • Flexibility – UGH. GRRR. And EFFF!  Probably the same 6 inches (probably 4 on the good side) away from that split.  Stupid hips!

    Here’s what I am working on:

    • Crickets
    • Tumbleweeds

    Yes, I need to get a move on.  I need to find my warrior path and my warrior focus (thank you, warrior cuz).