Live blogging Take your Kid to work day

This should be fun.  Nothing emphasizes the amount of nothing I do all day like sharing it with someone.

We've been here since 7:30.  We've eaten eggs and donuts and Kiddo just burped.

9:56: Other departmental people are heading towards my desk.  I tell Kiddo to be quiet.  If we're really quiet, and stay really still, maybe they won't see us.  She said that they can smell fear.  Stay tuned.

10:03: Blooregard Q. Kazoo has entered the building.

10:15: Email says that we can hear her screaming our name in passion.  Cool!

10:22: Someone likes the poop show.

10:43: We're disappointed that Arby's is buying Wendy's.

11:10: We just punked a co-worker.  Wait, more than one.  Like 4.  Everything that comes out of my mouth is gospel.

11:36: 5 hours to go and counting.  Kiddo said she'd rather be in school.  HA!

1:45: I am a terrible person.  I forgot that Kiddo was supposed to attend an etiquette class and I took her to get her eyebrows and nails done…and to get Starbucks.  Eh, her manners aren't so bad anyways.

3:30: It's time for snacks.  And one hour till it's time to go home.  Kiddo's got nice eyebrows and black fingernails.  Certainly not my thing but it matches the dress for the dance tomorrow.  I have a mini-Goth.

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