8/30 – Book Love/Hate

At eight days into this challenge, I now know why I don’t write for a living. Sometimes I just don’t want to do it, like 2 days ago, when I threw out a post that probably didn’t even make it to 250 words. On on.

I’ve been a pretty voracious reader ever since I can remember. My mom said that I was kind of a weird kid and she blamed it on my love for reading Stephen King. I would literally be hiding one of his books behind some school book in high school. I read…a lot. Even today, I’ll get caught up in a book series and just go dark to the world. My poor husband, lol.

Even though I just mentioned Stephen King, it’s one of his books that lands in the most hated position. The Tommyknockers. Mind you, I first read this when I was, oh, under 18 anyway. I didn’t really love the story, but what bugged me the most was that, in one part of the book, one of the main characters got sick. Coincidentally, I got sick at the same time. This really turned me off from the book.

It would be pretty difficult for me to pick out a favorite book. I like pretty much all of the rest of Stephen King’s books. I liked both the Adept and Incarnations of Immortality series from Piers Anthony. Let’s not forget the Myth Adventures series from Robert Asprin and the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. I’ve kept up with Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series.

Sometimes these days I read shitty erotica. I still like crime stories. But I’m not super picky. And there you have it.

QotD: Ghost Writer

If you could write like one fiction author, who would it be?
Submitted by Marilyn.

Without doubt, I would love to write like Stephen King.  He has so many of the skills that I want to develop.

  • Longevity – I've been reading his work for approximately the last 20 years and I can't ever wait for the next book to come out.  At least 75% of his books are in my collection as hard cover.
  • Captivity – I'm sure that isn't the word I want, but I just can't think of it off the top of my head.  What I mean is that he has a way of capturing his audience and making them lose hours and days lost in one of his books.
  • Detail – His writing style is such that I create a mental picture of each character and that character lives not only in his books, but in my mind. (Although it sucks when he makes a movie of a book and it's NEVER the actor I envision it to be.)
  • Passion – There is no question that the man loves what he does.  Sure it pays the bills, but you can just tell that he enjoys writing for mehis readers.  I hope that the day he loses that love, he stops writing so not to taint my vision.  (Could've done without The Tommyknockers though.)

Mr. King, I salute you.  You inspire me, you entertain me, you've ruined my mind or so my mother says.

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