The world sees things in black and white

Mostly.  So I decided to make my photo that way this morning.  I'm still searching for the lighting/angle that makes me say, "Hey, I really like that picture!"  Maybe if I remember next week, I'll do a series from waking (man, that's gonna be rough) all the way through the day.  I think I'm really just trying to get comfortable in my skin.

I will admit that I feel more invincible when I put on my ring though.  It must have super powers in that platinum.


My hair is getting long.  FINALLY!  I'll have to search around for a picture of how long it was when I stopped perming/having it braided.

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Park City Day Five (I think)

Today was the day to chillax.  Therefore there's not much to say about today.  We just hung out and caught an afternoon lunch.  By the way, if you're ever in the area, you must have a Devastator.  Seriously, how could you NOT order a beer called the Devastator?  It's really good.  Kinda like an Amber Bock but better.  Two beers = almost drunk and the arrival of Chatty Cathy.


Also, I tried a self-portrait.  I've never really thought of my self as "pretty"; I think I'm "different" and that's cool.  So here's my eskimo photo ( it's like you can't even tell that I have lipstick on):



We're having some rocking Mexican food tonight, everyone's got smiles, the Beastie Boys are online and we're having a damn good time.  Peace, love and hairgrease, ya'll!

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