Let the overwhelming moments begin!

I suppose if I just keep lists, I’ll be able to keep track of everything that I need to do to prepare. (Sometimes these posts are more for me than you, so just bear with me, okay?)

  • Pick a date…harder than it sounds DONE!  5/22/10!
  • Whittle down the list of 30 possible hotel chapels to 5 to really pick from
  • Find the best place to get favors…thanks Leenda and VB for that idea
  • Budget?  Yeah, I should probably use one of those
  • Emphasize to everyone that gifts are NOT NECESSARY!!  If you can make it, that’s good enough for me.
  • Figure out a cool reception idea – I know it’s all about the party anyways!
  • Invites?  Make them? Buy them? Send them at all? Makin’ em!

Pardon me while my head explodes.

ROCO Friday – The Always Hungry Edition


That's my stomach, good people.  No need for alarm.  Why is she making such noise?  Probably because she wants to be fed but has no self-control whatsoever.  She'll just keep stretching and stretching and saying "Feed me more!"  I had to put the kaibosh on her fun.  I do, after all, have goals. (Which I will now list for my own good.  Feel free to bloop-bloop-bloop, as PittGirl would say, past this part if you wish.)

The Shorts – In the next six months

  • Stretch enough to be able to get into that damn split on both sides.  Progress is being made.
  • Way less than in six months, lose 8.4 more pounds.  120 is the goal.
  • More importantly but still less than six months, reduce body fat percentage by 4 to 5 percent.
  • Regain a lot of upper body strength so I can……..
  • Once again (hopefully) perform by December.
  • Obtain AA in Business Administration (not because I'm interested in BA, but it was my only choice).
  • BOOBS!  Happy birthday to me.  Is it odd that I've had this discussion with my brother?  Boobs are only as long as recovery doesn't interfere with performing.

The Mids – Six months to one year

  • Spend one week in this house in this city.  Get on your board and RIDE!
  • Decide what I want to be when I grow up.
  • Hit the lottery….yeah, yeah, I know.
  • Oh, ride some blues.  Put away the skirt!
  • Lay off the booze.  Maybe a glass of wine per evening but as much as I love Heiney Light, it does not make for a light hiney.  I've lost my taste for my beloved Ketel One Citroen so I guess that's it.

The Longs – One to three years

  • Get hitched.  Togas, kids.  Put aside for a moment that it's a wedding and let me know if you like any of the pictured ones or please feel free to link to any cool ones you've seen.
  • toga4toga3toga2toga1


  • Graduate – maybe even with honors. 
  • Move the hell out of Miami and hopefully never come back.
  • Own a house that has a space just for ME.  Nobody else gets to put their stuff in that room!  Yes, I am five years old.

The circus is in town.  I might need to hit the lottery sooner so I can do/see all the circus I want. 🙂

Ha!  Vox just decided that I was done and posted this, so I guess I'm done.  Have a great weekend, all.  And please, whatever you do, don't forget……


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