Breakfast. It’s What’s For Breakfast.

Health and beauty day? Perhaps. I know, the song is a bit of a stretch when I’m going to talk about my delicious breakfast.


Hands down my favorite  meal of the day, unless it’s dinner and we’re having steak on the grill. It probably looks a little gross, but I promise you that it is absolutely delicious. Want that?
Grab yourself a sauté pan and give it a spray with some oil (I use the blue spray -has a name but this ain’t a commercial) and throw in some spinach. As far as I can tell, you can use as much as you like because IT’S SPINACH. Stir that around and while it’s wilting, dice up a Roma tomato. Sometimes I use a half, sometimes a whole, but again I don’t think it matters because IT’S A TOMATO.
Now that your spinach is wilted, give another non – stick spray and pour in the egg whites. How much? Don’t know. I eyeball that shit. Probably in the neighborhood of a quarter cup though. Here’s where I grind in some sea salt but that’s optional. Once the eggs are almost set, in go the tomatoes. Don’t put them in too soon or they’ll just break down and you’ll only have their skin left.
I stir that around long enough to knock the chill off the tomatoes and then commence with the face stuffing. Should I have some carbs at breakfast? Yes. But I make up for that later in the day. Now I’m fueled and ready to bang my head against the wall at work.
I’m no fitness guru, so don’t take my word as gospel, okay? Just saying this works for me. I try to eat at intervals of around 3 hours. So around 7, 10, 1, 4, and 7. Breakfast is hands down the best meal of my day.
Enough about food. (Wanna know more? Leave a comment or message me directly – you probably know how.) Let’s talk the other part for a minute.
WATER! There just isn’t a way to stress enough how important it is. I seriously had pretty awful skin until about 10 years ago when I started hydrating on a regular basis. It worked wonders although the dermatologist probably helped too. So don’t leave your face thirsty or dirty!
I’m not huge on makeup but I’ll put on some foundation and Burt’s Bees before work so I don’t startle people. By the time evening shower rolls around, I’m sure that most of that makeup is gone, but I wash regardless.
I’m finding now that twice daily washing isn’t always enough. I’m gonna guess that due to the amount of sweating I do, the cleanser just ain’t getting it all done. Toner to the rescue!
As I’ve mentioned, I’m not a makeup girl. So perhaps I’m using toner correctly to get all the leftover makeup and dead face off my face, perhaps not. All I can say is that my skin looks and acts much better when it’s as clean as possible. Go ahead. Try it. 🙂
Let me know what works for you.

Mistakes Get Made

Oh, Monday, how you sneak up on a girl. Jerk.

While snowboarding on Sunday could quite possibly be “the thing”, it also is a bit of a bummer because we got back home yesterday and I immediately realized that the weekend was over. Tears may or may not have been shed. But of course, Monday brings good with it and not just work.

Good, but a conflicted good. You see, today I have a spin pole workshop with some ladies I used to dance/train with until I walked away a while back. Why did I walk away? Ask the chorus up there. Not all of it, just never shined through in what I’ve shown. I really feel like that sentence sums up my previous attempts at dancing. I have stories to tell and it’s as though I have writer’s block of the body. I am really and truly hoping that the time away has been helpful. I know I’ve lost a lot of pole muscle, but I can get that back. I think that the time away has freed me up a little from the constraints I placed upon myself. Ah, the pole world – you labeled me, I’ll label you. And we’re all unforgiven whether it be by ourselves or those we used to call or still call friends.

Between just wanting to be able to move today and trying to early morning prep for this evening’s workshop, I spent quite a bit of time stretching this morning. First the warmup from Dynamix to wake up the body, then a shoulder opening sequence, followed by the requisite split stretching (down to the yoga block having to be pushed to get under the space left on the good side), and ending with a little lacrosse ball to the glutes and hip flexors. After showering, it’s a quick big marble to the neck and shoulder where it’s sore with the anti-inflammatory cream and I’m ready to go to work! Yes, I am slightly off my rocker. I’m ok with it though.

On on!

I’ve put the vacation countdown on the whiteboard. Hubby thinks I’m a little nuts, but it’s kind of a reminder for me of how long I have to get into bikini shape. I saw a furry bikini that just made me smile…almost laugh, and considered buying it since I don’t go in the water, I only walk around the edge of the  pool. I did think that hubby might be slightly mortified walking around with me while I’m wearing it, but he wouldn’t say so. I’ll spare him and get something a little more normal. This time. Good morning, breakfast. Egg whites, spinach, and tomato, it’s good to see you guys again. Grapefruit will be joining the party soon. Skim milk isn’t invited back though. Salads are gonna make their return next week too. It’s a healthy party!

With that lunacy, I’m going to leave you to your Monday. Because my laptop batter is dying and I have to take that aforementioned shower. More fun tomorrow when I’ll probably be even more sore but hopefully I’ll have fun spin pole stories to tell. There’s a whole big world out there. Go get it!