You Ghoul!

Happy Halloween! I’m not a big celebrator of this day, but run with your day those who are. There’s only one couples costume that I want to do, but the both of us don’t want to shave what would be necessary to make it work. We would be a great Picard and Guinan but I don’t wanna shave my eyebrows and he doesn’t wanna shave his beard so that’s that and we are not dressing as them. But we would be awesome.

The perfect Halloween costume

What I WILL do today is play my Halloween playlist on Spotify. You can click through to it but if you don’t want to, here’s what’s on it:

  • This Is Halloween – The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • This Is Halloween – Marilyn Manson
  • A Nightmare On My Street – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
  • Dream Warriors – Dokken
  • Ghosts – Michael Jackson
  • Monster Mash – Bobby “Boris” Pickett
  • Zombie – The Cranberries
  • (Don’t Fear) The REaper – Blue Oyster Cult
  • Monster – Michael Jackson
  • People Are Strange – The Doors
  • Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell
  • Werewolves of London – Warren Zevon

Do you have song(s) that I should add? The playlist always has more space.

Can you believe that tomorrow is November already?!?! This year really flew by. I feel like once we hit November, the year is pretty much over. It all just mashes together from Thanksgiving to my birthday to Christmas and New Years Eve. None of those things really get a big celebration from me. Especially the putting up of the tree come Christmas. I just…ugh. But you know what? I have a job and I might splurge and buy myself some Christmas spirit, aka BUBBLE LIGHTS! These were a staple of the tree when I was a kid. What are bubble lights? Whaaaaaaa? These beauties:

Bubble lights!

Then, if I wanted to go full on with annoying my hubby, I would find the other thing that our Christmas tree always contained: the chirping bird.

Chirping Bird Ornament

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! They have this mofo at Target. I can get it AND get 5% off with free delivery. Did I just catch the Christmas spirit? Perhaps, lol. Yes, that’s how I am about things. It’s either balls to the wall or fuck it all. Probably why a lot of things don’t get started or finished, but hey, nobody’s perfect.

I have more thoughts but the rest of them have no cohesion so I won’t bore you with them. But if you’re just dying to know what’s rattling around in my head this morning, it looks like this:

Close to getting that split on both sides, should I do something for my birthday, should we do something for NYE, start writing the book tomorrow, 142 days till vacation, that should be enough time to lose 10 more pounds.

And with that, I’m outta here to do do work. Have a great day and don’t eat too much candy!

Ha! Hoo Ha!

Ah yes, the kung fu. This song was number one on the charts somehow when I turned 21. I am NOT that old.

So, hey, September already. Summer is pretty much gone and snowboarding is right around the corner. Someone wanna explain where all that time went? Please?!?!

With August came a new job. First month down and it’s been interesting to say the least. First time working in a true startup. I have so many ideas but I really have to try to dole them out a little at a time. I can be overwhelming. 😀

Now I’m mostly into the swing of things and I’m taking multi-tasking to a whole new level. It’s kinda crazy but fun. And keeping on that multi-tasking idea, I’ve gotten back on my yoga mat. I’ve been pretty disconnected but I’m working my way back. I’m spending this month focusing on the sacral chakra, where creativity and emotions lie. I’m hoping that opening that bad boy up will help with my writing processes along with some other issues that need to be addressed. I’m ready. After doing nothing all of August thanks to injury, it’s time. Cardio with Shaun T every day, yoga every day, handstands every day, or at least attempts at them. Hopefully I’ll come away with something that makes it all click a little better on Saturday’s handstand workshop.

While it’s only September, and the beginning of it at that, can I tell you that I’m getting excited for Christmas? I know, I know. It’s way too early to even be thinking about Christmas and usually, I wouldn’t be. However, since we moved, I now have an absolute shit-ton of space which means I can put up both the tree AND the village this year. Bradford Exchange is not helping my problems by showing me stuff like this:


In case you didn’t know, I just love me some collectibles. And if your decision is to hate on the Steelers, that’s your business, please just move it along. I won’t be using this space to defend myself or whom I support. Anywho, it’s a big Christmas year this year! I still don’t want to deal with presents (and we mostly don’t), but I’mma decorate the shit outta this house.

Other notes of interest, to me at least, include that I should have some more fun photos at the beginning of next month. I swear that one day, I will get better at being in front of the camera. I need to learn to relax out there (I should probably just have a beer first) and try to enjoy myself…and stop looking at the photographer. Photogs around the world likely just can’t stand working with people like me, lol. Totally uncomfortable, face-making, no pose having, only look good when I’m guffawing with a totally open mouth people. That’s me.

You’d think that I’d have more to talk about, but no. So with that, I wish you a great day. It’s hump day after all, Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike. Peace!

Seven Whole Days

So we’re a week into the new year. Doesn’t it feel like the holidays were already forever ago? No? That’s just me? *Cartman voice* Screw you guys, I’m going home.

I really do feel like Christmas was forever ago. I suppose that could be because I more or less skipped it this year. I didn’t put up the tree or the village as I wasn’t feeling it (and we weren’t even home the entire week of Christmas, so whom exactly was going to see that work? No one.) Maybe I’ll get back into the swing of things this year, maybe. I guess I’m one of those Scrooge-type people that could seriously do without all the extra stuff, just let me have a couple days off of work.

Speaking of work, this is new for 2014: I got a promotion. While it isn’t official for another week, I’ll be leading my little team of 2 (and a half) engineers whilst shaking the hands and kissing the babies of other departments. Is it my lifelong dream? No, not exactly, but I can do it and I can do it well, so onward and upward after a rather interesting process of getting to this point. I swear I watched one person in particular do a complete 180 in regards to how said person was acting towards me and my interest in the position. Weirdos.

Anywho, work schmerk, let’s talk about my breakfast sandwich maker.  I LOVE IT! Now that I’m in my healthy breakfast sandwich mode (egg whites, smoked salmon, slice of cheese on a whole wheat muffin) , it’s so much easier to just throw the stuff in the machine, walk away and come back to a sandwich. Gives me time to do things like start writing the daily blog post. 🙂  I know that healthy breakfast and slice of processed American cheese don’t go together, but man is it good. Although, I am considering finding a different cheese because my sandwiches get too hot and therefore cause more of the cheese to end up on my paper towel than ends up in my belly, but that’s probably not such a bad thing either.

Sidebar: My mom just sent me an email and a portion of it said: “Let your confidence be as an earthquake – a force to be reckoned with – crumbling all negativity that comes your way. BOOM!

So day 2 of P90X3 was a little rough. These workouts are only 30 minutes, but they’re still tough. Today was Agility X. (It’s athlete stuff says Tony,which explains why I had a heck of a coordination.) Jumping around and squats and lunges and more squats and lunges. I’m sure my knees will be feeling this tomorrow, particularly after I tried to follow it up with some hip and hamstring opening yoga and Zumba tonight. Somewhere along the line, I probably lost my mind. Before I lost it, I might have thought that this continual stretching and exercise might get me in shape. We’ll see what happens.

By the way, I haven’t forgotten about the writing prompts (or Zero to Hero for that matter). Sometimes the writing prompts just don’t prompt me to do anything but shake my head. Sometimes the ZTH item doesn’t require an actual post. Today’s prompt is about a time you felt helpless. I don’t do helpless. I’m sickeningly self-sufficient. More than my husband would prefer I’m sure. Perhaps the one time I felt a fleeting case of helplessness was about 20 years ago when I was driving down a hill (going to Monongahela for those that know) that had just been oiled and it had just rained and my tires were none too grippy. I completely lost control of my car, sliding on the wonderful mixture of bald tires, oil and water. Took a cruise down the oncoming traffic lane much to the chagrin of the car coming towards me who was laying on the horn as though I wasn’t trying to get the hell out of their lane. Finally made it back into my own lane, only to overcorrect and start spinning, Fortunately, it ended up only being a 180, but it was a slow motion 180 as I watched the guard rail come closer to the side of my car and hoped against all hope that it held as there was a rather large downhill/cliff waiting for me if it didn’t. Fun! Obviously it held as I’m still here. I did get out of my (new at the time) car and I literally expected my car to be bleeding. Hey, what do you want? I was like 19 and it was my first brand new car. I was absolutely butthurt. Possibly feeling helpless that I broke my car. Poor thing. No sliding around in the Brown Bomber though! I TRY to make that thing spin out but the ABS and AWD and anti-slip/anti-skid kick in and all I get is a little noise. Safe? Extremely. Fun? Hardly.

Well then, I suppose the time is now for me to wrap this up and get on with the day. Enjoy your Tuesday. Stay warm wherever you might be. It’s cold out…you know, because it’s WINTER!

The Thursday that is Friday

And why is that?  Because I'm taking the day off tomorrow.  You know why?  Cuz I can.  It's our pseudo-celebration of finishing this friggin Associates degree.  And now that I've had a week off, I really must jump back into studying.  Even my horoscope says so!

Money which you may have been working to earn for a long time may finally come your way today, MiamiShyner. Don't be surprised, however, if you have to do a lot of running around in order to get it! Plans for future moneymaking projects may come your way, though it is important to remember to consider everything carefully and not jump in too quickly. This is an excellent time to start learning a new moneymaking skill. Go for it!

First sentence: I have my annual review today.  I technically got promoted about six months ago without the pay raise to go with it.  I'm hoping this means that I'll actually be getting a raise. 

Second sentence: I've been running around for the last six months.

Third sentence: I don't know yet.  Maybe something REALLY interesting will come up today. (btw, keep your fingers crossed for good juju at 10:30am EST please)

Last sentence: Go forth and LEARN!  PHP is first, then I think I'll try to tackle some SQL.  If you could see my bookshelf you'd think I'm a computer programming genius, but alas, I am not.  I really gotta get moving on being more proficient in at least one area.

It's self-portrait Thursday, so here's a picture of me because I think I'm cute today.



Have a great day everyone!!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like…

<insert whatever you want here>

I suppose I'm a scrooge.  I really haven't been "into" Christmas for many years now.  I think it stopped being interesting and/or fun about 20 years ago.  Every once in a while, though, when I go into "the Christmas room" (where the tree is..all decorations are in one room) and I smell the tree, I get a little nostalgic, then I go into another room and it's over.

But that's not why I started this post.

My horoscope is DEAD ON today!

If work is beginning to feel more like a burden than a joy, it may be time to rethink your job, MiamiShyner. Your personality is such that you need lots of room to stretch and grow. If, instead, you feel stifled and stuck, then you know it is time to find a new professional challenge. You are fortunate that your skill set is such to afford you many opportunities. This time, choose more carefully!

Let's break this down:

If work is beginning to feel more like a burden than a joy, it may be time to rethink your job, MiamiShyner.


Your personality is such that you need lots of room to stretch and grow.

Stretch and grow…circus!  Okay, crappy joke, but seriously, I'm in a very small box and that bitch is nailed shut.

You are fortunate that your skill set is such to afford you many opportunities.

I don't think that I actually have a skill set.  That is depressing.  I'm what you call a jack-of-all-trades, master of none.  You'd think I could pick something and get good at it.  Maybe one day.

Anywho, there are 45 days left until vacation and that's better than Christmas any day.  Have a holly, jolly Tuesday.

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