When You Write One Day And Post The Next

Writing. Writing….is what brings us…togever…..today. Today, on this Monday morning. Where I woke up feeling and looking like I had partied like it was 1999. All I really did was watch my Battling Buccos come from behind (again), take the Cards to extra innings (again) and win it in walk-off fashion (again!!) to win the series and go into the All Star break only 2.5 games behind those dirty birds. And as a sidebar, the Black and Yellow seems to have to battle a lot of dirty birds (Cardinals, Ravens, Tom Brady).

Office life: On this oh so rough morning, all I wanted was to heat up my breakfast sandwich. However, someone chose to break the paper towel dispenser. Rummaging through drawers turned up nothing. So, Macgyver to the rescue, I’ll just use a coffee filter. And then as I typed this, I splashed coffee all over my face. After I threw away my coffee filter napkin and before noticing that someone took my last tissue from my desk and left an empty box. Splashed again. Is it 5 yet? Or even 4:30?

Yesterday wasn’t just the thrilling stress of baseball. It was also the culmination of a couple months of rehearsals and questions and heels and rehearsals and questions and heels(!) also known as the summer recital for L’Ru Studios. For the longest time, I’ve wanted to do some pole-related Cell Block type activities and, with the help of five of my lovely studiomates, I was able to make that dream a reality. There won’t be video for a little while, and when there is, I’ll post it, but I think it went off pretty well. I gave up my Squish role for one of Lipschitz and, I am pretty sure that everyone had a good time. I also played around with a soloroutine to ‘Miserable’ by Lit where I attempted to be sexy. The verdict is still out on that one. The routine was clean and I didn’t blank out on anything though, so I’ll call it a win either way.

Sooo, also of note, we moved. After nearly five years of renting in Westminster, we moved down the road a bit to Arvada. Not because we wanted to, but because the homeowners decided to move back. The major point I’m taking away from this move is that, when we move back to Florida in about 3 years, I am hiring a moving service. No way am I packing up an entire house for a third time. It is just too much.

Moving is such a purging opportunity. My goodness. Between the amount of electronics that we took to Best Buy for free recycling, what we gave to Goodwill when the truck was across the street, and then what we gave them on other trips after more cleaning probably should be a mega tax writeoff, but who really has time for that? Not me. I just wanted it GONE! Just thinking about what else is going to have to go between now and the next move makes me cringe. But you know what doesn’t make me cringe? The thought of having a convertible and being top down a lot of the time in Florida. That’s the thing I’m looking forward to.

The new house is nice. Quite spacious even though we technically downsized from the house we were in. I finally have a place to hang my OmGym and took advantage of that for some long overdue inversion time this morning. My yoga dungeon really and truly is a dungeon now in the unfinished basement of doom. You know, where we keep the smallest tv connected to Directv, lol. The dungeon with windows and AC or heat depending on the season. I guess I’m not painting a very good picture of a dungeon. Well, seeing as how we’ve made it past noon here in the mountains, I suppose it is time to wrap this up. No wonder I slack on writing when it takes me half a day to get one post done. Work getting in the way, as usual. We’ll see if we try this again tomorrow.

5 word challenge – Backstage

Nervous?  Me?  Nope.  Maybe the first time, but not now.  Besides, I'm 3 drinks into a long drinking evening.  Those of us who aren't in the first scene chat idly about whose costume is getting too small and who's sleeping with whom this week.  Back here, in the dressing room, it's no-holds-barred.  Nothing is taboo and besides, no one back here has even one ounce of couth.

We're all whipped.  Putting in a full day in the sun and having practically no rest will do that to you.  It doesn't matter though, we're fueled on goldfish crackers and liquor.  A duel between cast members has broken out with the props but no one bothers to even attempt to stop it.  Everyone has been in this show long enough to know when it's time to get out on stage.  Speaking of which, it's my time.

We try to be quiet as we step up into our "jail" cell.  Almost every time someone trips and almost busts her ass since there's no light back here.  Tonight we all make it safely into the cell and we strike a sexy pose as we wait for our music to cue up.  In case you're interested, we're performing "Cell Block Tango".  It isn't exact but the costumes are similar as are many of the dance steps.


Occasionally, someone in the booth gets a little crazy with the Cheese Whiz.  No wait, gets crazy with the smoke machine.  Tonight is one of those nights.  Not just clouds of smoke, but literal pillows of smoke burp out of that antiquated monster.  We're trying not to cough up a storm; we are on stage after all, but good gravy!  What the hell can the audience see through this cloud?!?!  Only bonus points are that I'm not first out of the cell so it will have cleared by the time it's my turn.

Pop, six, squish, uh uh, Cisero, Lipschitz!  I'm squish. He ran into my knife.  He ran into my knife ten times.  So what if I'm screwing the milkman!  My partner in this dance is also my good friend.  9 times out of 10 that we do this show, we end up laughing so hard that we're shaking.  I've got to keep my composure!  Maybe I shouldn't have had that last drink.  The fabric unrolls (this makes more sense if you watch the video), I wrap a leg around, and call me drunk, or call the floor slippery, but I just damn near busted my ass in front of 300 guests.  Luckily, I recovered quickly, but what starts immediately after my recovery?  Fits of giggles.  Not just me and my partner, but everyone else who was on stage.  Now, do I think the audience noticed it?  Nope.  They don't know what they're looking for.  They love it.  They tell me after shows that I should consider a career on stage because I always look so happy and like I'm having so much fun.  That's ALCOHOL people!  Unfortunately, my stage career never took off and now I'm a paper-pusher with a considerably healthier liver. 

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