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    The Tax Man

    I’d say that we’re almost officially into tax season. I don’t know if it has an official start date,but if there were, I would guess that it’s January 31, the latest date by when employers are supposed to have all the tax forms out. This season is always interesting to me with people and their radically different filing ways. Always some wait till the very last day to files and some immediate files.

    Sidebar: Pretty sure my parents were the wait till last day folks. I distinctly remember driving all the way to downtown Pittsburgh one year when I was young so that they could get their taxes in the mail before midnight. Course, could be my silly, muddled mind making things up, but pretty sure it isn’t.

    I have always been a member of the file immediately group, except for last year when we had to pay (WTF). Cannot even begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard about changing my deductions and crap because I’m giving the government an interest-free loan. Gah! Yes, there is likely some truth in that, but there’s also truth in the fact that I probably wouldn’t tax myself and then give some of it back in February either.

    We’re just so happy that we aren’t paying this year. That was a real kick in the teeth last year, but we made the proper adjustments and now we’re getting a refund greater than either of us had thought it would be. A fun little unexpected surprise that we’ll use for fun things like paying bills. Boring! Maybe we’ll have cool bonuses (boni? ha!) at work and can do something fun with that. Probably like pay more bills. No more credit card debt in 2014? Feasible if I keep the plastic hidden. It’ll also be a lot easier once we get past ski season because a random weekend trip to the mountains in the summer is a lot more affordable than a winter one. Gotta admit that we’ve gotten some super sweet deals this season though on lodging.

    So, here we are, almost at the end of January. In my opinion, time, in 2014, has lost its everloving mind. Some days and weeks are flying by and some are taking their sweet time and the sweet time of the time in front of it. Time must be like a tiny ball of snow at the top of a mountain. In January, it just moves along, slowly gaining momentum, until POW! It’s a huge, killer ball of snow racing down the mountain at the speed of time and all of a sudden it’s Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas and 2014 is over. Yes, that’s exactly how it is.

    It’s probably at about the end of January every year when, if I’ve made resolutions, I say to myself, “hey you, you shoulda done month to month goals instead of over the whole year goals,” and every new year I forget to do it that way. At almost 1/12th of the way through the year, I think I’m doing ok. I’ve definitely gotten words down in the blog daily. I’m working out and stretching (probably overstretching). PHP training has started although it’s on a bit of a hold until I finish up with the writer’s lab. Steps have also been taken to get good at an apparatus. I don’t know that it’ll stay FabPole throughout the year, but who knows. It’s a challenge. More of a challenge than saying I’ll get good at flying trapeze this year because I know I won’t, lol. Yeah, yeah, go across more, return to the bar, return to the board. Maybe. If I fly at all this year. *GASP!*

    Well, folks, it’s about that time of the day where I go prep to get at it. While I’m gone, tell me,do you file right away or do you hop on my procrastination wagon? I mean, what else are we gonna talk about on a Tuesday?

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    Happy New Year 2014

    Well, here we are. Most of us, anyway. Those of us who were lucky enough to make it out of 2013 and into 2014. This is, of course, the day of resolutions and such. I’m gonna go to the gym, I’m gonna eat better, blah, blah, blah. We all hear these same things every year, whether it be out of our own mouths or out of the mouths of others. As such, once again, I’m not making “New Year’s Resolutions” per se. There are a couple of things that I’d like to accomplish this year, but I’m not going to beat myself up about them if I don’t. So here they are, my non NYRs:

    • I’m going to attempt to have ZERO zero-word days on the blog. Typically, this is pretty tough because I don’t always have something to talk about. Remedy for this? The Daily Post provided an ebook that has 365 writing prompts so I’ll always have something to talk about. Formatting could change, but I will likely start off daily with the provided topic then continue on with my rambling if there’s rambling for the day.
    • As perhaps you know, I’m a Beachbody junkie (P90X, P90X2, Hip Hop Abs, Insanity) and I just got P90X3 and T25. Just because I don’t like to start programs in the middle of the week, I’ll be starting P90X3 on Monday. If I can stick with it (I know I can, lol), I will do each program twice this year and I will look phenomenal at the end of the year.
    • I’ve got to do some more stretching. I am, after all, not getting any younger. And it also goes along with…
    • Really focus on getting good at something this year. I haven’t yet decided what the thing will be. Pole? FabPole? Fabric? (not likely…makes my hips scream after every drop) Dance trap? I don’t know. One of those. One of something else. Something.
    • I may also work on something professionally. You’d think those priorities would be the other way around. But I’ve always been ass-backwards. SharePoint anyone?
    • Read! I want to read more. Perhaps I’ll actually use my GoodReads account this year? I read a lot of crappy books this year, I just didn’t put them in there. I need to expand my book horizons.

    I’m sure that I don’t need to put any more unnecessary pressure on myself here.  So with that, let’s talk about today’s writing prompt: Stroke of Midnight – Where were you last night when 2013 turned into 2014? Is that where you’d wanted to be?

    This one is easy. Boring, but easy. I was watching the oh, so interesting movie that was showing on the backs of my eyelids from the comfort of my pillowtop bed and Sleep Number pillow. New Year’s Eve hasn’t been a big deal for me almost ever. I can remember two specific times when I went out to a party. One was the suck and one was hysterical. However, I’m not interested in having drinks spilled on me or coming home smelling like a dirty ashtray. I’m also not interested in DUI checkpoints and the people who escape them and cause crashes. As such, I was safe, comfortable, and 2014 looked the same at 8am as it did at 12:01am, I’m sure.

    Let’s see how long it takes me to fall off the wagon. It isn’t pessimism. I know me. Have for 40 years. Happy New Year to you and yours. I hope that 2014 brings you everything you’re looking for.