Off My Game

Even though it’s Monday, I didn’t start the day off my game and fortunately, I’m back on it already.

As per all Mondays over the last two months, rise at 5:30 and physically prepare for getting to the gym so that I can mentally prepare for the week. I learned that today is Ganesh’s birthday, and in honor of that, we did/attempted Elephant pose. (Sit on the floor with legs outstretched. Tuck an arm/shoulder under the same side leg. Push through the palms and lift everything off of the floor.)



Photo credit: Yoga Journal

It’s difficult, but manageable. For a few seconds at least.

After a great practice and a relaxing Shavasana, I felt great and ready to tackle whatever might come my way this Monday morning.  I just wasn’t expecting it to come my way so quickly.  Like on the drive home from work.

There is currently a bit of construction going on between my house and the gym which means at times we slow down. No problem.  Most of the time, people go back up to the speed limit after getting past the construction.  Except for today.  Except for the car in front of me.

Now, being in my relaxed yoga mode, and in no real hurry to get home and turn on the work computer, I just bounced along to the beat of whatever happened to be on the radio as we rode our brakes all the way down the hill at 10 mph less than the speed limit.  Whatevs.  I have good tunes.  And as we reach the bottom of the hill, the car in front of me pulls into the turning lane and this, ahem, GENTLEMAN (NOT), proceeds to flip me off.  *sigh*

My first instinct was to follow him into the parking lot and confront him to see if he had something he needed to tell me, but that probably isn’t very yogi-like.  So I just went home.  I was bothered by this incident for at least 30 minutes before I came to a rationalization that made me laugh, feel sorry for him, and move on.

Realization. You are a more than middle-aged man driving a small not-quite sports car.  I’m sorry that you are likely having a mid-life crisis with your small penis.  And if you think things are rough now, wait until karma boomerangs back into you. And with that, I can let it go. 🙂

Have a wonderful Monday.