The week in review, btw ROCO

Hiya loyal readers <snicker> and those who just stumble upon.  On with all the nothing that happened in my world this week.

  • I think that we're all growing increasingly tired of politics.  I'll skip over all that jazz, except for one little photo to be posted a little later.
  • It's been a quiet week in la casa de MiamiShyner.  Lots of exercise going on and I've managed to get down to 125.  I am still shooting for 120, but hey, I just don't think my body is interested. 
  • There are officially 2 weeks until I go under the knife. (Double S, if you're reading this, yes, I know how you feel, but I also know you'll still love me 😛 )  I shall be looking fantastic for my 35th birthday as per the plan.
  • I got to see a really cool Cirque du Soleil demo since Corteo will be in town soon.
  • IMG_1182IMG_1183IMG_1196IMG_1201IMG_1205


  • I thought I was cute the other day….

  • I have the worst case of raccoon eyes EVER.  I guess they've always been like that.  I'm working on fixing it though.  Do love that my hair is finally getting long.  Let's see if I have something with which to compare from a few years ago.
  • Me

    There.  It's actually laying down and dare I say cascading over my shoulders now.  HA!  Oh, yeah, and I actually had makeup on in the picture on the left.

  • Pretty stoked that I'll officially be smart in another 51 days.  Completion of an Associates degree that really doesn't mean much.  Especially in south Florida where no one pays pretty much no matter what/who you know.
  • Can I go back to bartending now please?  Pretty please?  No?  Ok fine. Well, not fine, but I'll deal with it for a while longer.
  • Ooooh, big, BIG excitement is that we've reached the two-digit number countdown until vacation.  We've got a big group going this year so it should be mega-fun.  Park City again since we enjoyed it so much last year.  I'll be daily blogging from there like last year, but without any big announcements like an engagement. :-) 
  • We got this house for this year at last year's price, so we're pretty happy about that part too.
  • Our previous moving destination was Salt Lake City.  We're shying away from that now and leaning more towards the Boulder area.  I've seen some fantastic houses out there and they are reasonably priced.  With yards!
  • Oh, Saturday night Lovey and I went over to Octobeerfest.  $25 for all you can drink.  There was beer from all over, rum and vodka.  A whole bunch of people, mostly college kids, watching football and putting away booze.  Good times.  We still fit in as far as looking the age of the college kids unlike some of the old farts who were there trying to pick up younguns.
  • Yesterday, driving home, I saw this bumper sticker:

Not sure if it was a joke or what since we have a lot of young Republicans in our area.  I just found it amusing.  And mildly disturbing.

SO yeah, that's the week in review.  It is Friday as well, so let the congregation say….


Peace out and have a great weekend everyone!!

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Two years

Today.  Two years ago today that I started blogging.  I've become acquainted with a great number of people and read about trials and tribulations, good times and bad. 

Doesn't seem like two years have gone by.  During that time, I think I've lost my blogging mojo more than a few times.  I may currently be in that state of loss.

I hope that as Vox touts its two year anniversary, that they move forward in positive manners – fixing bugs and error messages and all that jazz.  I hope that they can keep this going as it's a great way to get thoughts out there. (Shout out and congrats to R.G. Ryan on the publication of his creation that I can't wait for it to arrive.) 

I'd look back on my two years, but it's past and I'm trying to focus on what is in front of me.

I can only hope that my next two years will be even more productive, even more fruitful, even more fun, even more loving than the last two.

I hope that I will someday get to meet some of you who have shared your laughter and your tears.

I hope that if you'll be in Miami, that you won't hesitate to let me know.

I hope that you'll keep me in your 'hood and in your thoughts, as I try to do for you.

I hope that in another two years, I'll still have something interesting to say.

Two years.  It's a long time that flew by.

I hope you all stopped to smell the roses along the way.

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